Blood magic set affix via Amethyst?

I was wondering if this is still possible? I’ve searched forums to find out it doesn’t drop anymore, but can it be added via Amethyst? Burned through a few already to no luck, thought I should ask before wasting more

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in old days bloody magic can at pet

Yes you can is wizard set exclusive only … you need to jasper your item to wizard and add the affix

I got it on rouge a few days ago

bloodmagic is actually rollable in all classes.

Thanks all. Saw that the mythic word is for any item and went and crafted it. It’s like a free extra set affix this way!

Yes it is still rollable via amethyst on all classes. The devs didn’t want to just delete the set as I sugguested since they were gonna create the bloodmagic mythic anyways. Both the set and the mythic are exactly the same. Increasing the rank of the set does nothing.

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Bloodmagic set + energy seems op because energy gives a lot of mp

you can only use one Resource at a time. if you have 2, like Blood Magic & Energy, only one will be used and the other is just taking up space.

Resources gain very little advantage but sometimes better than none. You can only have one active sadly.

How will the game choose which ressource is activated

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Good question !

Bloodmagic is useful in builds with no hp, defense, but critical stats . High defense builds need critical damage so blood
Magic doesn’t help against deadly damage builds. Try a permafrost hat with harmony. Mp regen doubles hp regen. You never run of MP in arena.

either there is a hierarchy in which one Resource is always used before another when 2 or more Resources are on the same Build, either the first or last Resource placed on a Build is used, or it depends on which items the Resources are placed on if 2 or more Resources are used.

there could be a few more criteria to determine which Resource is used, but the bottom line is that only one resource can be used. putting 2 or more Resources on your Equipment is like putting a Set on your Equipment that can’t be activated. using a Reactor Set when you don’t have Orb Skill on your MH or Orb Proc for example.

here was an idea I had for using multiple Resources. the thing is, some of the Resources just wouldn’t work with other Resources, which is why only one Resource per set of Equipment.

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Discordance shouldn’t be a ressource as it doesn’t really effect ressource just mp cost

I kind of agree that Discordance can barely be called a Resource. on the other hand, limiting it to being a Resource helps game balance.

if you look at Wizard Staff using Discordance, Comet would be doing 750% DMG on hit with a 750% Explosion, cost a few thousand MP to use, and needs Cool Down to increase Comets APS. this is more than double the DMG you get using +4 Multi Attack with Comet. Meteor is now doing 100% DMG on hit with 25% DMG every .25 seconds for 2 seconds, costs a few hundred MP to use, needs Attack Speed to increase it’s DPS, and you can use Multi Attack & EAC for more Meteors.

without Skill Points, Meteor actually does worse than Comet, but after you put enough Skill Points into Meteor to get the extra Meteors, it starts to do more DMG than Comet could with the same Skill Level.

in a way, it isn’t the MP that is the Resource, it is the Special Skill being switched to the Primary Skill slot on the MH Weapon that is the Resource.

Comet 40 would do 2250% DMG a hit with a 1500% Explosion.
Meteor 40 would do 300% x3 DMG (3 Meteors) plus 75% x3 DMG every .25 seconds plus 150% x12 DMG with 37.5% x12 DMG every .25 seconds (+4 Multi Attack).

hmm, with a 100 DMG Weapon…
Comet would do 3750 DMG to one target with the Comet & Explosion with one hit.
Meteor would do 900 + 900 + 1800 +1800 = 5400 DMG to one target if hit with overlapping Meteor hits and Craters. Meteor 40 also has 100% Stun, so most monsters are stuck taking all that DMG.

Comet with +4 Multi Attack would do 1350 DMG in comparison. one fourth DMG of Meteor with one hit.

it looks like both Skills do better when you switch them around, even though Comet doesn’t do as well as a Special as Meteor did, but Meteor is doing a lot better than Comet as a Primary.