Blood Magic Set

I was thinking of doing Blood Magic Set and Discordance Mythic. while doing some crafting on my current project, I came across the Blood Magic Set, and click and reading and…it is the same as the Mythic. it is also considered a Resource. so no can do.

Really? well here are some thoughts I have on the subject.

change it so the Set isn’t a Resource.
can be used with Discordance, Energy, or Fury Mythic.
can not be used with Equivalence, Blood Magic, or Alchemy Mythic.
+16% (of missing HP% per rank) extra damage. going over 16% is too OP, but as low as 14% should be ok, maybe. 16% gives 80% like the Mythic at Blood Magic (5), with higher % (6-8) at cost of Set slots.

the % part of the Set seems like a lot at 16% per rank, but I have been using Blood Magic Mythic on my Hireling, and it took some tweaking to have my HP go down sometimes without being healed too fast to get the damage boost and not die all the time.

the reason I think this change should work with Discordance, Energy or Fury Mythic is because they would work a lot like Defiant and/or Masochism Sets, with similar pros and cons.

thanks for reading this post of my 2 cents worth of ideas for Blood Magic Set.