Bloodmagic, Defiant, Equivalence how do they actually work?

Regarding these affixes, how do they really work?

First off is blood magic, says more missing HP more damage. does it add % off missing HP or fixed amount of missing HP as damage?

Defiant is like blood magic too, so does it work by % or by definite value of HP missing? say I have 1mil hp, and lost 600k. will I have +150k damage? or just +15% damage

Equivalence, how does that more damage add? I mean how does equality work, it says HP/MP% equality. does that mean having 10000hp/5000mp will give me 2x damage from equality?

I have similar doubts and questions too.

  1. For bloodmagic, I believe it’s 80% of the missing HP as dmg so maybe if you lost 600k HP, you add 80% of that as a flat value to your dmg which can be multiplied. For PvP this could count too.

  2. Defiant. At 5 , it says 25% of hp% missing which can be added to the 25% dmg increase and Dmg reduction. 25% of missing 50% hp would be turning 25% dmg and Dmg reduction to 37.5% which could make sense.

  3. Equivalence reduces dmg by 60% of your current MP /Hp% equality and also averages out HP/MP to and value as well as reduced resource cost by 60%. Maybe if you have 50% HP left and 50% MP left in real time, this 60% dmg reduction and resource cost reduced to 30%. Still I’m not sure because that can’t be right. I am pretty sure that 60% dmg reduction could be permanent as long as you wear Equivalence.

Equality. I think equality set is at its full potential when you have exactly 100% HP/MP equality. That means if you have 5000 MP/5000HP, you are 100% guaranteed to get 37.5% extra dmg and regen buff by 37.5%. if it’s 2600HP/5200MP, I think it would be 50% of the set potential so instead of 37.5% , it would be 18.75%.

Equality set goes very great with Equivalence as Equivalence makes sure you have 100% equal HP and MP. It is possible to do that manually without Equivalence to get close to 100% HP/MP equality but Equivalence guarantees 100% Equal HP and MP for Equality set to increases values by 37.5% ×1 .

Again I’m not sure on these either. This is my best guesses so far.

If you have 0 HP, that means you are missing 100% of your HP. Bloodmagic will increase your DMG by 80% of 100% which equals to 80%.

Nothing adds a flat value in this game because of old Druidic and Timewarp.

Ahh that makes sense. :smile: . :thumbsup: . Thanks. Was I correct on the defiant and equality?


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