Bonus Affix slot is about worthless

It also totally ruins a perfectly good item. Don’t bother trying to tell me that you can remove it using a quartz crystal. Cause it can be removed alright, leaving the bonus slot as the very last thing removed, making the item next to useless.

I tried removing it three times as per suggestion. And everytime, the bonus affix slot was the very last slot removed. Leaving absolutely nothing of value on the item after it was gone. Do you realize how expensive that was to find out somebody told me WRONG! Legendary items don’t grow on trees ya know!

Calm down and notice the mythstones you can put in the slots… +2 all sets to mention the most powerful. BTW you can remove specific things with “the blue cube looking crystal”

You misunderstood what I was saying. You know the bonus slot fot the set affixes. It can’t be removed without removing everything else first. I tried it three times using the quartz crystal as per suggested. Doesn’t work, cause the bonus slot is always the last slot removed.

Some of the Items are great Items. But often times the bonus slot is simply taking up space where something else would be more useful.

Please don’t get me wrong. Cause depending on your build the bonus affix is very useful. But other times its just wasted space.

Im not gettin you wrong. Let me show you, kyanite can remove a selected affix. Select the set affix and boom. There ya go.

It doesn’t work for the bonus slot. I just got finished trying it. It didn’t work before either when somebody suggested that I use quartz. I tried it 3 times only ro waste a lot of r sources and end up with a worthless item at the end of the trials.

And now, I just wasted another 13 dust on an item testing how WRONG everyone is.

I wasted 16 legendary items, along with 9 or more quartz crystals. To find out the advice I was given was bad advice. I say 16 because of the 4 attempts along with the 56 dust to purchase the item from the Codex.

what do we learn? go by yourself and read through the god damn codew before you get into the game.

and stop ranting about the people who answered you “wrong”.

I wasn’t ranting, but you currently are. I didn’t even mention anybody being WRONG until you were yourself.

Go chug a beer and forget about it. Cheers…

As usual, I found my own work around for something in the game that don’t work right. But that don’t mean it doesn’t need to be fixed in a future update. Till next time…

I should make a post called my codex? A post where I gather all the things and make it easier for anyone to understand and if they don’t like going through the codex in pages but as a scrolling page. Also keep up to date and better understandable.

I won’t do the legendex and E legendex as a post though since it will be too long and it’s already easy to look through but I could clarify certain definitions.

It was just very disappointing to spend all those resources on something that doesn’t work, but should work.

A person should be able to select and remove the Bonus Affix slot by itself, but it simply can’t be done. It can be done with every other Affix, but not the Bonus Slot. I ended up switching my items around as a work around. As there was ONLY ONE item with ALL the right Drop Affixes that I wanted on it, but it came with a Bonus Affix. I didn’t need the Bonus Affix, had to take it anyway.


The problem now occurs, I’m kind of stuck with that Item and associated Items. Unless I rebuild my entire gear set. “Oh bother…” said Pooh.

You haven’t Pr0 skills to make desired crystal items

Ikr. But balance reasons are probably why. Otherwise seven deadly sins sets and other builds become too easy to build if bonuses are that easy to remove . Quartz only way which sucks but that’s how they made it.

Yeah rebuilding an entire set of gear again does suck but at least they make it much easier than a year ago thanks to dust , higher crystal drops at floor 500+ or any floor above 200,

I tried three times to remove the Bonus Slot using a Quartz Crystal, and every time it was the very last slot removed. Yeah, you can remove the slot alright, leaving you with absolutely nothing left on the Item.

It takes many attempts to finally get it where the bonus is alive. Took me 6 attempts to get it so the Nadroji bonus and Nadroji stayed and it wasn’t fun.

If it were the days before dust even existed, it would be like losing a precious item you farmed weeks for, only to have it die and it takes lots of time to replace. Dust is extremely useful in that regard.

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