Bow rouge guide help pls

im now floor 460 with my rouge he have actually607k dps and 27k hp full krit dmg/krit rate atk speed 2,6atks per second 20%deadly strike my maximum hits are 3mio what do i wrong im 1hit at any bosses O.o can u give me a full nice guide with maybe 100k+ hp and 15mio+ dps? thank you very much :smile:

my rogue are still in pre build, item setup only have half affix of total 36 affix. yet he do damage even higher than your.
As for now that prototype only have 45% crit chance
225% crit damage
60% deadly strike
+5000 weapon damage
+50% weapon damage
the rest crappy affix and blank(i mean no affix) lol

If u want extreme build for rogue bow then i think u will need to ask ocenyx. his rogue disco shot are insane. but if u willing to go for that build. its definitely cost u ALOT crystal and mythic stone.

Edit: 100k Hp ehhh. i dont think rogue can have high hp and yet do so much damage unless piercing from bow. if u want build insane damage then sacrifice your hp just like what ocenyx do… btw this is his guide. … =33&t=2628