Bruh dah wae : spiny winy farm build


Block is maxed at 60%. Try making a horn with Crystal deadly strike and epic block instead.


@dickwad , @olkyora made a +100% Block Poison Build.

are you using this to farm for Crystal Items or Crystals? was thinking that if you took off Crystalline Set and replace it with Rage, more Armor and Crit DMG. and if you have 2 Death Natures, that will put your Crit Chance to +75% Cap. otherwise, nice build.


this is still proto type theres a lot of improvement on this build and thank you for the advice dude ,
yes this build is for crystal hunting and it can take down large pile of mobs and legend , mythic monsters on high floors ,

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thank you dude i add that on my build soon…

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Wow nice the only thing I could say is use a pet that gives boost poison and why not roll more might or zealous instead of bulwark

Also if you switched out the 2nd elemental critical with something else it might benefit you with dmg I’m not sure though but the extra 10 percent elemental crit can be replaced with something better possibly

bulwark gives block for block for five seconds to survive heavy and fatal hits combine it on crystal affix 45 percent block and 15 percent block for epic affix

Ya I guess that would sacrifice alot what about a sorcery afix on the pet for ed

the 2nd elemental critical for better chance of poison build damage

Ya nice build mines comming together slowly but surely here is the update on mine

an attack that hits a lot or with a high attack frequency only need +30% to +40% Elemental Crit. an attack that doesn’t hit very often would need +60% or higher to get the same results.

Talents from one Class can’t be used by another Class when on a Pet, like Sorcery on a Pet used by a Warrior.

Sorcery doesn’t increase ED. it increases the DMG of Poison & Fire DoT by a % per Rank. Sorcery 20 increases Fire DoT from 40% per tick to 80% per tic for 2 seconds, and Poison DoT is increased from 10% per tick to 20% per tick for 8 seconds. I am also waiting for a reply from the Dev’s in the Question Thread about an old post I found that says Sorcery gives Shock Attacks a 50% chance to chain to a second target, and a 25% chance to chain to a third target, and that the Slow Movement of Ice is increased by 50% or +50%.


This is an interesting build.

Thanks for sharing @olkyora!

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