BuffWizard With Frozen-crossfire rogue (ALL Farm BUILDs)

The Idea of this build is buff rogue arrows with timewarp and cosmic power.When you use taunt on Wizard It Will proc timewarp that Will increase the speed and damage of arrows in your hireling rogue(TW:50% + CP:65% =115% damage)


You can change cosmic Power to Another Nadroji to get Nadroji bônus:


For more speed and + 1 imp to transform faster the itens(change the pickup rarity in options):

If you want more damage to your hireling(you dont need more damage :smile:):
In this Burst version ,you can change the element of bomb to shock to use eternal revolta amulet(note:you proc immolate for crushing blow anyways with Wizard MH):
And the last one variation of Full Burst build:

thats ALL my end game Farm builds…I Hope you enjoy !!
Obs:Sorry for my bad english :frowning:.

thank you for sharing
nice build, 262.19M :+1:

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Its a solid one!

ZOMBOY will u please make a pvp guide? Something more meta? Or atleast recommend what affixes are best or anything really, I’ve read dickwads and unique build guides but there rather old, not sure if anything’s been nerfed

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There is alot of stuff on PvP Guides and builds, you just have to search for it, If your smart about your search, you can find broken stuff that just need like, abit more building on it, a little more creactivity, and BOOM, you Got what you looking for, If i just make a PvP Guide and you and other people just copy pasta, i will have the same fate, thing will get nerf and it will get autdated, i know it might be boring our just a time consuming thing to do but, i sugest you test stuff, like, old style DQ wen nobody know what does what, that way you might get your eyes open on so mutch stuff that i know its there, other people that tested know its there to, but we just dont do it, becoz we have diferent playstyles ourt other stuff like limited resourses ex ex…
But there is defenetly broken broken stuff that you can do in PVP, and plus, a big reason for me not to do a PVP Guide, our any other Guide, is just…

Im a lazy ass human, not my foult, i was build this way :smile: :+1:

im not the right person to help you, try other guys, they might have something for you, best of luck! :+1:


I completely understand, although I’ve played for years I jus recently joined the forums to learn how to pvp to farm gladiator pieces. Everyone that’s anyone knows @NUIQUE, that’s leaderboard status for ya and when I seen his recommended pvp guide it was like finding the holy grail “anti immortal charkram build” everyone and there mother uses it. I think it’s been deleted, I cant find it anymore :man_shrugging:t4: I’ve been scouring the forums for builds not to copy paste but notice they got alot of things in common with each other. I’ll see you at the top one day :muscle:t4:


There is a discord where you can find alot of players, our can ask nuique directly about the build, i think he wont mind to show again!

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Nah I’m good, needless to say I copy pasted it. I was looking looking around for more of his builds and noticed it was gone. Glad I found it tho, I use it to farm gladiator pieces to fill my codex

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My thread wasn’t removed. It is still here: NUIQUE Gift: Storm Burst/Camper Reveal


I’m I the only one that didnt have a fan boi organism hes enter chat? Forums dead… need a serious update, how about, well everything been suggested, wished id showed up a year ago :man_shrugging:t4: I tell you what tho, I still play and I’m working on 99 obsidean… u pvp are proc happy, I’ll take advantage of that eventually but I’m still working on 99 max eternal rouge, which is awful, rather be using my warrior js

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Everybody’s gangsta till they hit eternal division 3, my goodness the AI has has 400 apm!!! I dont even have time to panic before I’m dead sheeeeeesh :man_facepalming:t4:I should be aloud to choose ai to fight for me is all I’m saying

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