Bug? Feature? puzzle? Welcome to discussion room

Please follow my form,maybe make this topic more easy to read.
Wish you can understand my poor English :blush:

NO.1 : Comfirmed bug:
Hunger set reduced cd effect wrong works on off-hand primary skill.It says"Reduced cd 12.5%*rank",the turth is Reduced cd 1-12.5%*rank.

Sample:1s cd oh primary skill with rank1 hunger is 0.125s cd.

@CuzegSpiked You can remove the +2 set mythic stone to check this bug,just look at the vault skill,cd with rank1 hunger is much shorter than rank3.

I’ d rather keep this bug as a feature,since it is really fun,some builds based on it work good.


NO.2 : Puzzle:
Amplify What is the specific effect of this wizard talent? I did several tests but it seems not working.

Amplify simply increases DMG by 40% for each elemental dot or any element. In PvP, it’s around 8% . Although I guess if it means DoT , maybe it only applys to Poison and Fire like Fester , Perseverance and other related effects to dot.

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I have not see any difference between 0 amp and 11 amp on dummy(ascendent+discordance build,keep spaming orbs,checking the the damage of skullshield,and I get the same number no matter how much elemental dots on dummy).
Probly I should test it on monster :sob:
Too much skills/talents/sets are easy to read but realy realy hard to make sure,then use them just like waving your own hands.

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the trick might be to have the talents in question, then see the damage numbers using elements with no DoT, 1 element with Dot, then with both elements with DoT. I am using prismatic with amplify at the moment, and I am wondering about the damage also, because I don’t really see a difference when using amplify or not. but I haven’t really tested it like you have, because I would like to think it IS working, because that makes me feel better. :laughing:
also, since fire DoT has a short duration, fester might be a good talent to test with, or one of those sets that increases the DoT duration also. gives better chances of fire and poison DoT to be on the target at the same time.

I have one for you guys: What stat does “of Protection” nature gives?

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Did you test it?

I tested that nature. Doesn’t work , even in arena. Would have seriously helped. I wasn’t the only one though.

Yeah, I checked the entire stat page looking for any alteration and I didn’t find anything. It definitely gives no bonus.


@luisfsk i would recommend reporting that in its own thread. this one kinda jumble mumble


Oh yeah, but here we have the chance of discussing about such bugs
I remember few now, but I knew many when I played more:

  • “of Blessed” Nature description is incorrect: It gives 15 resist instead 15%
  • “of Wisdom” Nature description is incorrect: It gives 2.5% instead 10%
  • I suspect Rage and Pathfinder descriptions are wrong (not really sure about they, but I had some evidences)
  • Eletrocution Bonus description is wrong: We need 40% Elemental Crit to activate its bonus, not 40% Elemental Weaken
  • Craft Glitch (This is very known): While crafting any crystal, you can cancel the affix crafting by just closing your client. Think about Obsidian and Eternal (Fabled Blade and Unreal Hood) crafting and see how broken it’s.

For now, this is what I remember.


I’ve done this too but not anymore.

Are you referring to dodge affix with Pathfinder and crit chance for Rage?

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About their set multiplicators