[BUILD] Chakram Knight


Yes, that looks right. Arcane is indeed no element. (Adding a mythic makes an item become a mythic item regardless of what it was before.)

As to Skulldraga (and KnightsCharge), you need to use Amber on the weapon and hope that those options appear.


Arcane is an Element, think of it as the Magic Element. monsters don’t have any normal resistance to it (like resistance to Cold Element on Ice Maps, which gives monsters 25% less damage from Ice attacks), but can have Greater Resistance to it. I am not sure, but I think monsters can also become Immune to Arcane. for Builds that use Prismatic (Wizard Talent or using the Ascendent Set), if you have Arcane as your Base Element on your weapon, and you have Ascendent (5), that is a 62.5% chance for getting one of the other 4 Elements instead. if you have one of the other 4 Elements as the base Element for your weapon, then it is a 62.5% chance to get the other 3 Elements, but not Arcane. in the Set description for Ascendent, it says you need the Arcane Element to get the Weaken part of the Set to work. I don’t know if that is still true after Patch 3.0, but if it is, and you don’t have Arcane Element, then you need to put Weaken on your Weapon, especially if you are using the Arcanist Set with Ascendent.
@Sequince and that Arc Chakram, if it was still Legend when you turned it into a Mythic Item, it is still Legend, think of it as a Mythic Legend item.

Edit: just found this post.


Where would you recommend putting Stat Distribution and Hero Points beyond the ones you listed in the guide?

I made the build and it’s quite fun so far! :slight_smile: Thanks for this.


Anscendent bonus is good if you use an elemental attack


I put stat points all in power.

For hero points, you probably should just put them all in the bottom 4 skills.


The four bottom skills is a must.


And before you ask why fortune ? You will find better stuff. The rest is about staying alive. You can add damage to your weapons


Fair enough, I’m only missing the +2 to all sets (Elixir) and Twister proc on the trap now.

I’ve tried a few times on rolling Twister, this last one I got Torrent. Should I keep trying for twister? Torrent seems to summon 3 little tornados… kind of the same thing right? /hopes


they are different, you should get an item with Twister Proc and see how they are different so you know which is best for your build. if you are using a Rogue, you can go either way, depending on the build, since Twister is a Wizard Skill and Torrent is Warrior, so the only way to really make them do more damage is 2x +5 All Skills and/or +10 Epic Twister/Torrent on your Pet. also, take a look at the Skill description on the item that they are usually on, and if you can, take a look at what gets boosted when you put Hero Points into the Skill. you know, like Hit Frequency, increased Area of Effect, stuff like that. I think the biggest difference is Twister has Taunt and Torrent doesn’t.


Torrent process is fine. @Golem does a good job though of comparing the two.


I have used Twister for a long time, and really like it. I haven’t used Torrent much, but have dodged a lot of them in the Arena. that is why I said try out both to see which goes well with the build you have in mind. I currently use Storm more than Twister, but I had a Hireling Build that was using Twister with Teleport, and it was pretty good for a silly Ascending Hireling Build.


I use storm too. Twister is good if you want to be a sitting duck :smiling_imp:


watching my Hireling use Twister made me wish I was an A.I. :robot:


Hirelings are so much better at killing lol :fearful::fearful:


How do you get a hireling to use Twister?


You can either:

  1. Have your hireling be a wizard and use gauntlets

  2. Change the special of your hireling’s MH to twister

  3. Get a.m. item with twister proc on your hireling


also, the A.I. settings. I had the setting for my Hireling Wizard to only use Twister and Teleport. worked great.


In regards to this build, I’m looking to upgrade the helmet to an Unreal Hood. I haven’t found one yet, so I’ll unlock/craft one likely. Could you guys suggest what would be good Mythic for farming Mythstones?

Taking from Mr Golem’s comment in another post:

Unreal Hood & Fabled Staff/Blade: there is 1 Hood and Weapon for each class. they have 4 Sockets each. you could put 1 Myth Stone in each Socket for a total of 4 Myth Stones.
you can add a Mythic Affix on these 2 Eternals if you know the recipe. when the Mythic Affix is created…
you can add any combination of 3 Normal and/or Epic Affixes.
example: on an Unreal Hood I make the Harmony Mythic Affix. the 4 sockets are used up to make the Mythic, and leave 3 empty spaces. I can now place a random Normal/Epic affix in each space using (Crystal Angelite) or place an Epic affix using (Crystal Topaz). Angelite is a bad choice, because, unless you are very lucky, it might take forever to get the affix you want. Topaz gives 6 choices when used, so you have a better chance to get the affixes you want. either way, what ever you pick is permanent. so if you don’t like the choices, you need to get a new item and start over.

If I understand correctly, you make the hood, put the 4 Mystones in for the Mythic affix. This is guaranteed to work. Then add the remaining 4 epic affixes with Topaz and hope for good ones, because if I remove one it loses the quality? (And I’m assuming you cannot reroll them using Fluorite?)

Lastly - From your experience, what would you recommend I look for in those Topaz rolls?


the Hood has the Mythic Set and Mythic affix (Legend - Red) and 4 Sockets. if you are using the Eternal Hood, then you first look in the Codex and see which Head or Resource Mythic affix you want. put in the correct Myth Stones and it will give you a Mythic affix and leave you with 3 spaces to put in affixes. the item wont lose it’s Eternal Quality. I crafted a Legend Hood by taking off everything except the Mythic Set, and it retained it’s Legend Quality.
when you put in the Epic affixes in an Eternal Hood, you can’t change them, so if you get affixes you don’t want for your build, you have to get another Hood. if you are using a Legend Hood, just change or replace the affix or affixes you don’t want.
the Mythic Set increases your chance of getting better Myth Stones, but there aren’t any Mythic affixes that will do that. what you need to do is read the Codex and see which Mythic affixes will help your build with either defense or attack. you could, if you want, just put in 4 Myth Stones that would help your build for the Eternal, and for the Legend, a combinations of Myth Stones, and replacing the Sockets you don’t use with Epic affixes instead.
as far as Topaz, it depends on what you have on your other gears. like do you need Dodge, Deadly Strike, Attack Speed, +5,000 ED, Elemental Critical, + 10 Skill or Talent, or whatever you need. write down what you need on your build. it is possible that you roll an affix on the Hood that you have on another item. if you need that affix, but it is too many, then change the affix on the other item to the one you were trying to roll on the Hood, I do this sometimes when I get an easy affix on my Pet, and change an affix on my equipment to get the harder to roll one I was trying to get on my Pet.


Okay! I actually understand that! I only have access to the Legendary hood atm. So I’ll be able to change those around. In regards to my build, I have the exact build Ircher posted above. I’m not sure how to tell if I need Deadly Strike, more attack speed (using arc with Knight’s Charge if that uses AS or not?), elemental crit or ED… is there a list of ‘must have’ stats like that somewhere I can look up?

Basically hoping for someone to say ‘try this, it worked good for me!’ and I can give it a go and see if I like it too. I feel my damage is lacking a bit, but not sure where it needs to increase.