[Build] Flash Farmer - Rogue with Wizard Hireling - 1012% Gold Find, 1012% Luck, 350% Item Drop, with Nadroji, Crystalline and Eternal Set Affix. Level 500 Mythic 3 Difficulty

Yes, i mean Adventurer 5 gives 37.5% move speed and damage, so it definitly would give more move speed with only one affix. Now you use momentum + 1 move speed affix. I will look if i have any move speed items and see if momentum gives more dmg or not.

Edit: I’ll get back here when i get legendary with momentum to test it :stuck_out_tongue:

But fast work is:

10% ms from hero and 15% ms = 25%
25/2 = 12.5 % dmg increase
Adventurer gives 37.5% dmg increase so its 25% more and gives 37.5% move speed so it’s 12.5% more. The only problem is you need to collect gold but i thinks it’s not much of a problem.

@Msiiek I believe by default Momentum already has a 50% damage increase due to the inherent movement speed of 100%. I stand to be corrected but I believe Momentum will give a higher DPS output.

That might be true. Will be back with some info if i find momentum to test it.

Thanks. I wonder how many I blindly converted xD.

Soooooo. With momentum you are getting bonus dmg as you said, 100% + bonus ms% divided by 2.

When i had whirlwind 6M dmg it went to ~8.5M dmg and with momentum and 25% bonus ms it went from 6 to 11M.

You loose about ~23% dps but you gain free affix and +25% move speed. You could for example change MH item drops for 2x extra attack chance or weapon damage and then switch move speed on helm to item drops.

@Msiiek you’re absolutely right. I guess I’m just too lazy to swap them now since I’ve used up too much of my rubies on this Build already. Not to mention, I’ll have to farm Amethyst for the swapping too xD

Does it need to be 5?


Any word on this question?

@HarleyM If you’re looking for a Hireling with good DPS, I think there are other Builds which are way better. In terms of DPS, hands down, the Green Garden Build would be far superior than this.

@jeddgonzales If you want to reach gold find, luck and item drop as per my Build, then yes, you need Epiphany (5), which can easily be achieved with +4 set.

Green Garden is superior, but I don’t have a wizard already as a starting point like I do rogue. Plus, Green Garden ramps up; it doesn’t instantly burst down mobs like this can.

@HarleyM You can try replacing the Crystalline Hat with an Epiphany Hat, and get another Crystal Attack Speed. It will unlock the dependent affix for that additional 70% damage and increase the attack speed even further. Also, you can try replacing all the “farming affixes” with Explosive. To answer your question, yes, it is very viable to have it as a DPS hireling.

Same for hireling?

Good to know - I wasn’t sure how its survival would be, mostly, but also its efficiency (if it was bad at stopping and attacking). Thanks!

@jeddgonzales Yes, it’s the same for hireling.

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@Lacuna_C last question your high voltage works without elem crit.

And how many did you roll that affixes to get it to max hahaha. Its so hard lol

You need to deal elemental critical for high voltage to work.
Also, if you are rolling/adding affixes, make sure you got your item to quality level of +25%. It will get better rolls and often give you max roll if you are adding an affix.

Yes but @Lacuna_C affixes doesnt have elem crit

I think High Voltage works on any stunned enemy, not just those stunned by Paralysis. If that’s true, the skill on the helm (50% chance for crits to stun) should do a pretty good job of stunning things for HV to work on.