[Build] Flash Farmer - Rogue with Wizard Hireling - 1012% Gold Find, 1012% Luck, 350% Item Drop, with Nadroji, Crystalline and Eternal Set Affix. Level 500 Mythic 3 Difficulty

I’ve previously posted a similar Build, but thanks to @CuzegSpiked for recommending me to use Loop of Epiphany to achieve better results, here’s an “updated version” of the Build.

The updated version includes. as per title, the following:-

  1. 1012% Gold Find
  2. 1012% Luck
  3. 350% Item Drop
  4. Nadroji, Crystalline and Eternal Set Affix
  5. Able to farm Level 500 Mythic 3 Difficulty with ease

(I get AT LEAST one (1) Ultra Rare Crystal [jasper and above] per map with pack size affix, either through conversion of a Crystal Legend, Eternal, or a random crystal drop. On average, I get about 3-4 Ultra Rare Crystals per map with pack size affix)

Here’s the Adventure stats page:-


Here are My Rogue’s equipments:-








Here’s a gameplay video of the Build:-

I’m not going to complicate this Build by showing my Wizard’s gear, as it doesn’t really matter as long as you equip your hireling with a Loop of Epiphany too, and max out the Gold Find (812%), Luck (812%), and Item Drop (250%). You do NOT need to have Nadroji, Crystalline or Eternal set affix on your Hireling.

Take note, however, that on your main character, you need to have the Fortunate Perk in order to achieve 1012% Gold Find and Luck (812% from gears + 200% from the perk), as well as the Treasured Perk in order to achieve 550% Eternal Legend and Crystal Legend Find Rate (250% from Eternal and Crystalline Set Affix + 300% from Perk). As for Item Drop, you’ll get the additional 100% Item Drop from using a Hireling, resulting in a total of 350% Item Drop (250% from gears).


  1. Question: Why Level 500 Mythic 3 Difficulty as a threshold?
    Answer : Because you’ll get the highest crystal rarity drop rate at Level 500. You will not get a higher crystal rarity drop rate even if you climb above Level 500. (This build can still clear Level 600 Mythic 3 Difficulty with ease though, as I’ve used my Rogue to farm my second Loop of Epiphany for my Hireling)

How do u get this ring?

You may get the loop of epiphany ring and all other epiphany legendary pieces from floor 600 onwards on a minimum of epic difficulty :smile:

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You can also get it via chest but very low chance go to higher floor for higher chance

Ps.this is super long title :smiley: you have a good build

Nice build, just got a question: why use plagued if you’re shock based? And if it is for the HP%, isn’t satyr better since you’ve maxed gold find?

The last I checked, Satyr increases MP, not HP

Oh right, silly me.

Hireling needs fortunate ascend too?

@jeddgonzales Nope. In fact my hireling has not even ascended once. But you need Epiphany, max gold, item find, and luck for your hireling.


How the hell did he get +100% shockcdamage? Never saw such a legend affix. None of the elements.

You can get it with aether robe or nadroji cognition and eternal weapon

From what I have seen, changing the element of a weapon with the lowest Crystal changes all the Elements on the Item. For Example: Say you have a wearpon with +100 Fire DMG% and +5000 Fire DMG, if you used a Calcite Crystal and it changes your weapons DMG from Fire to Shock, then you will now have +100 Shock DMG% and +5000 Shock DMG. From what i have seen, this also affects everything, including the Crit Chances.

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Have you tested this build on your hireling? I’m curious how well a variation without farming sets would work as the DPS to compliment a fortune bringer warrior.

I get that, but where did the 100% dmg increase come from? Most I see is up to 40% on eternal items. And I doubt you can get it using ruby, I used up like 15 to try to and get it.

You loot specific items that have this affix already and change everything else to match your needs. For example as above: wizard Aetheral Drain Robe that drops past floor 400 will have this 100% elemental damage affix.

Did you tried Adventurer set instead of Momentum? I think it gives moor both speed and damage and picking up gold isn’t a problem as every mob drops it. Sorry for double post :C

@Lacuna_C does your hireling uses epiphany 5 too?

Yes you need epi[hany on hireling too or you wont get above 850% luck, gf etc

@Msiiek That’s a good point. I have never tried it but I suppose it would be more or less the same? Perhaps someone else can confirm on the comparison: Momentum with max Dex Hero Points v Adventurer set Affix.