[Build] Flash Farmer - Rogue with Wizard Hireling - 1012% Gold Find, 1012% Luck, 350% Item Drop, with Nadroji, Crystalline and Eternal Set Affix. Level 500 Mythic 3 Difficulty


sorry im a noob, how do you do your attribute points for wizard and what build is it? just curious.


hello guys, i need to check something that i think people would not know about

if i delete a character and place it’s equipment in the stash before i delete it , if i create a new character could i access the
equipment that i got store up if i brought the stash again? thxs

also i am thinking about making this build- but I have a few questions

why did he use shock as the element instead of other elements, any particular reason?

also for the chest which Mythic is better Exposed , Skilled, or Brutual
who ever is reading this have a nice day :smile_cat: < Kitty says hi


any stash purchase (Stash…NOT bag) is linked to your save game. So if you have a level 80 wizard that has all bags and STASH tabs unlocked (not talking about premium stash here…just bag 1 -4 and stash 1 - 4) if you place equipment in your stash tabs (stash 1-4) you can access those items with other characters.

If you return to the main menu
Go to character select screen
Press “delete” under your wizard
Make a new Character
That new character can access the Stash Tabs. The bags will NOT be accessible. Only the stash tabs will be open for that new character.


Sir send me build for warrior please …I’m using lance with horn poison elements.Thanks


thanks guy, instead of using shock would using other elements like fire produce more damage/ ability to survive?
and if you change the element from shock to others, how would this build gameplay be changed?
would ice element plus frozen set affix be better and yield me more damage and clear speed?
btw for the set affix frozen, for it to activate does the enemies just have to be blue and killed , hit by ice element weapon
or does it have to be impale by a blue ice cone and killed to activate
my question above in terms is what does it mean when you freeze an enemy and how does it look like?
thxs guys :mushroom::tiger2::mushroom:


I like the build I’m fairly new to dq bit I wanted to ask what is your heroic skill points at?


When I first saw this thread, I thought the Wizard was the hireling and the Rogue was the main character. Turns out the exact opposit. I’m a Rogue, and my hirelings are Wizards. I hope we meet in the Arena some day! Lmao :sunglasses:


284 power and 5 health. Your rogue must be doing a lot of respawn with that build. Yet with over 1000% gold find, who cares, right?

Have you noticed (i have) when you respawn before a kill, the amount of treasure you collect drops significantly.


@Lacuna_C How, exactly do you build these items?

Example: for your Leather, did you start with a warrior torso, use amethyst to give it momentum, then jasper to swap to rogue class?
A few details on each item would be greatly appreciated - for those of us trying to build your masterpiece as efficiently and quickly as possible.