[BUILD] mana tanker wizard

so I just realized how stupid I was when discovering this build. I think it will help people on tanking in 200+ floors using a mana shield wizard.
here we go.

  • this build is meant to withstand a supermassive instant damage blow from, let’s say TNT prop, %damage map affixes that sometimes very deadly for wizard.

  • this build is also flexible (as far as I experimented) to use in term of variability of weapon and gear. (see below)

  • this build mainly focus on 4 legend set affixes which are : permafrost, cosmic power, electrified and iceburn. and nadrojis. explanation below.

  1. permafrost is used to withstand any damage with mana shield as well as convert it into mana instantaneously.

  2. cosmic power is used to buff your total mana.

  3. electrified is used to deal damage when u get hit by crowds, the best strategy to max the damage output is to lure the crowds to a higher level enemies (magic, rare, epic) and see them destroyed as the higher level enemy hits you and reflected back to any of the smaller crowds. kaboom.

  4. iceburn is used to ease your way in wiping out crowds (not significantly tho). it’s like bread amd nutella when used with electrified. see the infinite damage numbers on your screen and have a cup of coffee. :laughing:

note : as the use of 4 sets, u must have a maxed nadrojis on your gear.
+5 permafrost, cosmic, electrified, iceburn. yummy.
it doesn’t matter which item should you use on you, as in fact we only need the set legend bonus buffed with nadrojis.

I have a screenshoot for this.
as for the perfect roll, don’t even bother to ask, been spending my entire present and future life for these to happen. :laughing:

my lovely iceburn

permafrost bracer

reflect ftw

cosmic power, saint seiya mode: on

godly nadrojis.


Diieter, look at the screenshot. His cosmic power gives +125% MP and MP regen.

Well I learned something tonight, I always thought cosmic power was adding “HP and MP regens = HPregen + MPregen”, but that’s actually “MP and MP regen” :laughing:

Thats nice build and perfect rolls awesome! Later i show my mana shield stuff here xD

Edit here are the pics xD

With the spellbinder 94k MP, and with cosmic power:

How to have “(5)” or “(6)” on the green affixes?

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You must have nadroji set or best ms in amulet or ring :smile:. They have all sets +2

(I am not good at english bro!)

Oh thanks bro. :smile: Im still grinding that nadroji set hehe

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