The DQ Builds Compendium

As I was gearing up my warrior the last couple of weeks, I had to refer to the builds on the forum quite often.
The annoying thing is, that they are scattered throughout the forum.
So, I listed all builds per class, including links, right here!


Gyroscopic Slug Build - By Diieter
MH: [color=#00BFFF]Crystal Axe[/color]
OH: [color=#00BFFF]Crystal Horn[/color]

Aegis’s Build - By zzvilzz
MH: [color=#FF0000]Fate’s Travesty[/color]
OH: [color=#FF0000]Jouster’s Horn[/color]

Legendary Item Build - By No1KnowzMe
MH: [color=#FF0000]Gelid Smasher[/color]
OH: [color=#FF0000]Jouster’s Horn[/color]

Greased Up Deaf Guy Build - By effing
MH: [color=#FF0000]Fate’s Travesty[/color]
OH: [color=#FF0000]Jouster’s Horn[/color]


Wizard Build - By Axiz
MH: [color=#00BFFF]Casslastrophy[/color]
OH: [color=#FF0000]Event Horizon[/color]

Mana Tank Build - By ichsanization
MH: [color=#FF0000]Nix Gladius[/color]
OH: [color=#FF0000]Echo Brace[/color]

Prismatic Plaguebearer - By ichsanization
MH: [color=#FF0000]Plaguebringer[/color]
OH: [color=#FF0000]Ignis’s Minion[/color]

[size=150]Rogue [/size]

Jewish Gunner Build - By Diieter
MH: [color=#00BFFF]Crystal Flintlock[/color]
OH: [color=#00BFFF]Crystal Mirror[/color]

Avatar’s Patrol Build - By Diieter
MH: [color=#FF8000]Epic Flintlock[/color]
OH: [color=#FF8000]Epic Mirror[/color]

There are some builds out there that are not complete enough and/or do not have their own topic. I decided to leave those builds out to keep this topic clean and clear. As soon as they get updated with more info, or get their own topic, I will add them here.

If you have suggestions regarding the layout of this topic, or if I missed a build, don’t be shy to alert me in a reply, or you can pm me!

[size=150]Please do not use this thread for questions about MS/CS!
Instead, refer to this topic:[/size]
Crystals, Mythstones, and Natures

                                                                     [size=150][b]Happy Building!![/b][/size]

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