[BUILD] Redrum Warrior


i haven’t downloaded the current patch but if you’re saying patch 1.8.1 fixed the knockback bug, i can now reuse my crystal siege weapon :astonished:

yay, time to patch again :smiley:[/quote]
I cant confirm which patch did it, but its working for me. However, as im currently in a testing cycle, it may not be in a live patch yet. Im not 100% sure, sorry. :confused:


I cant confirm which patch did it, but its working for me. However, as im currently in a testing cycle, it may not be in a live patch yet. Im not 100% sure, sorry. :/[/quote]

It is fixed in test patch only. I was there for the discussion.


I cant confirm which patch did it, but its working for me. However, as im currently in a testing cycle, it may not be in a live patch yet. Im not 100% sure, sorry. :/[/quote]

It is fixed in test patch only. I was there for the discussion.[/quote]
I was too, as it was my discussion. But remembering when that discussion happened is the tricky part. :wink:

So then, sorry if I got your hopes up @solkyro, it’ll be fixed soon though. :smile:


very nice guide Rubik. ^^
very detailed ^^

I am currently using a ww warrior but I want to make a toss type as well. ^^

Did you get your eternal scorpio? if you did what mythstone did you use? endow?
Do you have new gear for your redrum warrior?



Yes I have an Eternal Scorpio, and yes socketed with an Endow.

There will be many changes coming, and I’ll release the newest version when 1.9 goes live. :smile:


I see. Looking forward to it. ^^

tbh I was thinking of waiting for the update until I make a similar build because it might make a lot of changes but everyone should adapt on changes :stuck_out_tongue:

with the leech change. prayer will be really good ^^


Heya Rubik, Did you ever consider glasscannon for this build? ^^


I did, but I still wanted to be able to survive those pesky skyfall hits. :smile:


Sorry if i just read this. lol… i completely disagree with player who started on 1.8 will be shocked… im just amaze with this pieces of art…

its not imposible for player started from 1.8 to have that. kind of build. im 1 of the player started on 1.8 and still ive archive my crystal build in 1 month. and have 5 lagend pet… lazy is the thing that make it imposible. lol.


This build gonna have equal dmg if u use whirlwind instead of toss?
Can you try your build in beta version and tell what is your damage there?

With my frost whirlwind build i do 110m per rotation but in beta version max dmg i can do is 5m…

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No, it wouldn’t do as well with whirlwind as everything is tuned for toss. And damage for everything has dropped a bit in latest patches due to fixes and balances.


[quote=“Rubik”]NEW 1.8.1 VERSION

Key changes in newer version:

NEW OH WEAPON: The redesigned Scorpio is AMAZING for any Toss build. I did alter it a bit just because a few of its affixes were already present elsewhere. When/If I ever get an Eternal Scorpio, it will be the weapon of choice and other gear will be changed to accommodate its natural affixes.

LEGEND AFFIX HIGH VOLTAGE: A huge damage buff which affects stunned enemies, and this build has multiple ways to stun. I have added only 1 for now, two would definitely be better, but again waiting for an Eternal Scorpio to do the next major overhaul.

SUBSTITUTED DEADLY ARTS FOR PATHFINDER: Pathfinder was used mainly as a way to survive high Skyfall. Although Deadly Arts is useful for CD reduction for Taunt, it’s just a side effect. The Damage Reduction in this build is gonna be 60%, a big increase over what Pathfinder was providing. Still greatly beneficial at floor 1k m3 for only one affix slot.

ADDED 7th SET, VAMPIRIC SET: With Vampiric set being redesigned, it fits much better in this build now. Adding to Bleed Dmg, a focal point, plus providing more HP and another source of healing, it’s multifaceted.

+5 ALL TALENTS MS’s: The MS was updated from +4 to +5. I changed two of the +5 Berserker legend affixes to this since those talents will remain at the same level, but now it provides +10 to my Prayer plus any talents I might get from my current Pet.


With Mythic redesign, Mythics gained a huge amount of value.

EFFECTIVE: This replaced Ignore Resist as it does IR’s job and additionally provides a dmg boost to all enemy element types.

SANCTUARY: I feel dmg mitigation is for the most part useless, damage avoidance is better. Since this build survives due to dodge, block, miss and enemies being stunlocked almost entirely, they are bound to fail at some point. With Sanctuary, they can fail once every 30 seconds and you will be just fine.

RUPTURED: Chest pieces have great options for Mythics which provide big dmg buffs. I went with Ruptured just to stay with the bleed theme. Exposed or Skilled could be substituted here with only VERY minor differences.

1002 m3 Legend Map:

1011 m3 Legend Map with just the Carto trying to show some numbers:

1016 m3 Bleed damage:

I think that covers most big changes. Any questions on anything, don’t hesitate.[/quote]

Rubik i found that your build can deal more damage than what u manage as for now. according to my little knowladge, after reading all the info about your build. i think u need to change some to increase your damage output.

  1. your axe set affix change to inferno. your +5000 shock damage change to 10% element crit chance (lagend affix). your +20% shock damage change to +15% movement speed. element stay shock.

  2. your OH. +5000 shock damage change to 10% element crit (lagend affix/ epic affix immolate). change that weapon element to fire)

3.your chest pieces mythic skill change to skilled. your main attack is toss right. toss is OH skill yet it still primary so it boost the damage. now the different is rapture buff when enemy is bleeding. while skilled doest need any condition. it buff as soon as u use toss. (ive test this with my wizard skull sheild damage)

4.your accessories both (ring and necklace) +5 berserker talent change to +100% element crit damage.

1.Now u have 300% high voltage. this will work even when your attack source is fire element. why. because it give effect on paralyzed/stunned enemy withis u have fustigate (stun chance talent). mean your toss deal ×4 damage to stunned enemy. thanks to high voltage.

2.Now i tell u why inferno. ignore that +10% Fire damage. but u need +10% DoT speed. we know that DoT deal per sec. at rank 5 it should increase speed by 50%. mean in 1 sec u do 2 DoT damage. also in MH u need lagend affix 10% element crit chance, this for OH propose. your OH should be fire element since u said that your main source of damage is toss and bleed. bleed your themes. so i gonna buff ur bleed with immolate. if u read immolate description, it say increase 100% DoT damage. if u notice. it didt say fire dot. it just say DoT. mean it effect all kind of dot. withis bleed should be effected too. let say your toss deal 900m and apply bleed… it should do exactly 900m but vampiric touch at rank 5 boost 125% bleed damage. mean 900×2.25= 2.025B this damage per sec. immolate boost DoT by 100% if your toss proc fire crit (this is why u need your OH in fire element). withis mean 2.025×2= 4.05B this is your bleed damage DoT per sec when fire crit. Also with inferno. speed up ur dot by 50% for 4 sec. remember 1 sec equal to 2 DoT. mean in 4 sec it deal 8 time DoT. 4.05B×8= 32.4b DoT damage in that 4 sec. and while they Bleed. they can stunned too withis make your dot can carry high voltage 300% even if they not deal shock damage.

Tossbuild guide please :D
Help for warrior toss build

So I got my first eternal, from the mythic feat, and was suggested this build. Figured this would be the appropriate place to ask.

As I ununderstand, the only things I can do to it are, put a single mythstone into it that I can never change after that, and I can change its element as many times as I want. Correct? Or am I missing anything?

Before I go and screw it up, is the best stone to put into it the +50% damage one?

And should I keep it fire, or perhaps change to poison?

My plan as of right now is to half-ass some kind of a dps build out of all my random legendaries , and probably use it as a hireling, while building either the rogue or the wizard into a farmer.

Then once I’m richer, I could make a better build with the hatchet.


I think you can also change the nature. I don’t want to give you wrong answer for anything else, so I’ll stay quiet.


Thanks either way :slight_smile:. And in reply to your 1 obsidian / 4 ruby post somewhere, is that with converting crystal /eternal items? Or have you not converted any yet?


I’ve converted a couple, but I do have quite a few I haven’t converted yet. I’m a bit afraid of converting the “wrong” thing, especially since it now sounds like you can convert eternal classes in the next patch.


Thanks. Anyone else have an opinion on whether +50% damage is the best mythstone to put into my hatchet?


You can remove the mythsone but it costs a garnet that can be quite expensive, however you cant remove mythic skills so if you ever come across an eternal with four empty slot, be warry of how you use it…


Thanks man :). Didn’t think anyone would reply anymore so went ahead and put the +50% damage into it. Good to know that I can change it if I need to.

Using the hatchet on my hireling, Toss is now around 2.2m dps.


Anyone try to make this changes on redrum build?