[Build] Rogue - Flash Farmer - Max Gold Find, Item Find, Luck, with Crystalline, Eternal and Nadroji Set Affix, Mythic 3 Level 500








Gameplay Video (Level 504 Mythic 3):-


This is the best farming Build I’ve established so far.

IMHO, a good farmer must have the following aspects:-

  1. Max Gold Find;
  2. Max Item Find;
  3. Max Luck;
  4. Crystalline Set Affix;
  5. Eternal Set Affix;
  6. Nadroji Set Affix; and most importantly
  7. Able to still farm at Level 500 Mythic 3 Difficulty for Highest Crystal Rarity.

Together with the Perks of “Treasured” and “Fortunate”, on average, I’m able to get either one (1) Eternal or one (1) Crystal Legend in every rwo maps with “Pack Size” Affix.

*IMHO, the best way to farm high level crystals is to find and convert Eternals and Crystal Legends.

The current Build is also able to take down a Legendary Enemy Spawn in 5 seconds at Level 504 Mythic 3 Difficulty as shown in the Gameplay Video at 4:38.

**This Build is purely for farming. It is not intended for PvP or climbing.


  1. Why Explosive?

It is the bread and butter of this Build. The Cap for Explosive is 2000%. Since it is not considered as a “proc”, it can be triggered frequently with the High Attack Speed of Flintlock. If targeted at a group, the Explosion can cause chain explosions as well.

  1. Can I use a Bow for this Build?

In order to get both Eternal and Crystalline Affix, you can either use a Crystalline Dagger with an Eternal Hat, or an Eternal Flintlock with a Crystalline Hat. Needless to say, Flintlock would be the better option if we were to utilize the Explosive Affix.

  1. Why not other procs?

Other “procs” are triggered on a “per second” basis. Explosive is NOT a “proc”.

  1. Is there anything I can do to increase the damage?

My guess is, instead of using the mythic “skilled”, “brutal” MAY give an overall higher damage output. I’ve not tried it though.


That is amazing. I am a fairly new player and I am playing rogue using pistol and trap as my main set at the moment. Is there any chance you have a step by step for which items and where and how?? Would love to get this set up

You can use the in-game Codex to find the original items I used to craft. For example, if you look at the Flintlock I used, it’s called “Immortal Flintlock”. Search the Codex for the item, and you can see where to look for it. Once you’ve found the item, you need to “craft” it accordingly.

You can refer to this guide if you’re new to crafting
Rubik’s Crystallography

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This is pretty much the same build I use for farming. I’m a huge fan of pistols and explosive affix. One thing I did different was use the frozen set.

Explosive deals 2000% mh dmg, which is some really nice spIke dmg. If a frozen enemy is killed by explosive then that dmg gets multiplied by 2.5 (at 5 set ) and the frozen enemy causes an aoe explosion for what would now be 5000% dmg and add any multipliers from things like dmg to frozen enemies etc. The elemental explosions can keep chaining and multiplying causes ridiculous amounts of dmg.

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Also crushing blow works really well with pistols but you likely wouldn’t need it till later levels

Yup, you’re right about Crushing Blow if we were to go way beyond level 500. However, this is a farming build. Hence, there’s no reason to go above level 500 since the advantage of having the highest crystal rarity drop can already be benefited at level 500.

The reason I didn’t use Frozen is because there’s no Set Affix that I’m willing to trade for. Eternal, Crystalline and Nadroji are essentials for the purposes of farming. Momentum gives way too much damage for it to be traded off. Defiant and Faun’s gift are necessary to survive Level 500 Mythic 3 Difficulty. Furthermore, I will have to also allocate an additional slot for Elemental Critical if I were to use Frozen. Since Explosive takes care of group mobs effectively already, I think having Frozen for this build would be redundant.

Between Frozen and Explosive, I opted to focus purely on Explosive and get it as high as 2000% (5 slots used just for this), is that it is also very effective against Legendary and Mythic Spawn for farming. Frozen wouldn’t help when there’s no other “mobs” around to explode whereas Explosive can be effectively triggered even if there’s a single Legendary or Mythic Spawn.

If I were to use this build to “climb” though, then I’d incorporate Frozen and swap all gold find, item find and luck affixes to Frostbiting and Elemental Critical. =)

Ah that all makes sense for the floor you’re aiming for. I generally farm on ~800 mythic 3 so that I can find all the possible legendaries. I swapped defiant for frozen because I found that with how far away I could freeze enemies and with how often they were frozen I didn’t need the dmg reduction that defiant offered.

Glad to see someone else rocking the 2000% explosive and pistols.

Thanks for posting a great build and I hope lots of people try it out

Cool farming build :smile: . I like how it’s good for solo player too if anyone need to farm on solo and can’t have hirling (haven’t paid). This does give inspiration for pure dps builds as well that flash farmer.

Also @Lacuna_C , have you thought of Epiphany? Epiphany raises cap by 25% and that’s huge for farming affixes too. It means , if I had 650% cap , 650+ 25% of that 650 = 812.5% gold find and luck . For item drops, it raises 200% cap to 250% (new cap). 250% item drop is so much better than 200% if you tried hirling mode.

With fortunate, that 812.5% cap is there plus an extra 200% over cap hold and luck find. You can get 1012.5% gold find and luck. That is like legend map affix stat but used for packsize map and other map.

With this much gold find, I can get up to 3-5M gold per map. As for legends, just more difference in legends. 250% item drops is a big factor too.

I think epiphany could be worth considering if possible. Thanks :blush: If you reached floor 600, you can farm a certain epiphany item (depends on preference). Epiphany (5) in farming = AWESOME!

Still I’m fine if you don’t use epiphany as this build completely up to you :wink:

That’s a great tip CuzegSpiked.

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Yes, yes, yes; I love explosive.

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#Same here :slight_smile:

Good I discovered how to get bold text without needing desktop setup. Quoting text will be something I have to remember next on my list though.
Also I think explosive can multiply like common sense does in real life. In real life, more explosion = multiplied dmg, like more nuke, more multiplied radiation. Shock has potential though, since explosive has potential to multiply dmg.

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What set would you replace when using Epiphany?

Thats a good question actually. I don’t have a clear answer to this question either. He does need some hp from fauns gift and plagued combined as demonstrated by the video he posted. Using epiphany would mean an optional sacrifice of one of the two hp set affixes or momentum or defiant but epiphany is optional. Epiphany does mean more investment in farm affixes to get to the new cap but it does give massive gain in gold, legends, items and crystals/mythstones. A set affix slot may have to be sacrificed therefore reducing the dps or hp. Also many other valuable slots would be taken up if you wanted to use epiphany then try to get the new cap for cruical affixes on gear. It’s easier to do in a farming build where the hirling does all the dps work and the farm build tanks with farming affixes, because the farm build in this example doesn’t need to worry about dps so epiphany isn’t too big of a problem.

A notable example is the fortune bringer build. Epiphany can also increase cap of non farming affixes too such as attack speed %, dodge, crit dmg and crit chance so epiphany would mean a good amount of investment for the cap increase to be fulfilled.
Epiphany cannot be added by amethyst which means looking for an epiphany item that would fit with the build and there are only 4 epiphany items I believe.

How did you get 100% element damage for your skilled leather?

@Lacuna_C got the 100% shock damage on skilled robe by jaspering an aether robe and adding skilled with some affixes.

It was actually an old Nadroji robe. Previous version that doesn’t have the dependent affix. I still have 1 more old Nadroji robe to play around =p.

I’m still trying to hunt for an Epiphany ring (I can’t replace anything else since you can only get Eternal and Crystalline Affix from Headgear and weapon). Funny story, due to my gear, I actually got an Eternal Epiphany Loop, but I’m still having difficulty finding a normal legendary version to craft and try out your advice.

@Erimar_Silverleaf, I think the best bet would be defiant set affix. If you’re gonna have to top up the luck affix due to increased cap, naturally, you’ll have extra hp due to Faun’s gift. Once I’ve found an Epiphany Loop, I’ll replace Defiant with Epiphany (By replacing Epiphany Loop with the current ring and replace Defiant with Faun’s Gift)

Nice :smile:. I still have 3 old nadroji robes but I don’t feel bothered to use them yet and I just keep them atm. Still it feels good to use some spare old nadroji robes to free up space :smiley:
Also when you find an epiphany loop, good luck using epiphany and farming affixes. I understand your point about using epiphany and replacing defiant with fauns gift for hp purposes.

Is there any possible chance to get the affix you want in making a gear?

Pretty much the same amount of chance of getting something that you don’t want, it’s pretty much an equal chance, you just need a bit of luck and RNGsus to really shine upon you, or you can of course…spam crystals until you get the affix that you want.

Very nice I need to do sum farming and try make this build :smiley: