I don't understand builds

what kind of help do you need with Builds?

Hmm yeah, it does look like a lot of effort is put into each item.
It makes sense, but requires very careful planning especially for the first 1-2 builds we do :slight_smile:

Hmm can’t comment much more on your Ultimate Farm Build, not that familiar with the game mechanics yet. I had forgotten about wisdom nature though, that’s also huge! Up to 70% reduced cost if there’s no cap by just having 7 wisdoms!

about to have another hero

@IntuitioN only 6 Natures, Pets don’t have one. I believe Reduced Cost has a 60% cap. to be honest, I had planned this build for a long time, I just never wrote it down. but now that I have Crafted it, I have a better understanding for the next time I do a build with these affixes.

@suiluj have you decided on which class you want for your second Hero Slot?


Is Flash Farmer still a good farmer?

I find most posts describing builds for rogues are quiet old, Flash Farmer’s example is for an older version of the game and even its last reply is 1 year old now

Although this other one which is older, has more recent replies to, not sure if the main post is edited to reflect better changes than the second thread.

It looks like Rogue is mostly played for hireling nowadays…?

Yeah… rogue fast for clearing map,
im too lazy for breaking box so i use warrior as main and using wrath talent. Just walk around, taunt the monster, and my lady clearing it.

So I guess you use it as hireling. Not really what I’m looking for. Still, Misfortune Build ?
Flash Farmer makes no sense on hireling because of the farm set affixes

Its good build if u realy want playing rogue as main or solo… but not at higher floor

If your target for farming dust. U only need max gold find and luck (950% without ephihany set) and farming at easy or very easy difficult at 200 flor. it will save ur time…
For farming ultra rare crystal (zircon, ruby, etc)
Just make eternal item (50 dust @item) end convert it…
That the method i use, and it realy good for me.

Yeah, that’s what I expect from a farm build.

I would expect it to do floor 400/500 as easily as floor 200 though but not 2000 or so.

For that, Misfortune build would do.

@brang cap for Gold Find & Luck is +650%, +200% with Fortunate Perk, and Epiphany Set is +5% per Rank over Cap.

one thing I have learned with using Hirelings is using the right combination of Spells with a decent A.I. most Farming affixes don’t work when on Hirelings, which is why you can make a weak Fighting but strong Farming Main with a Strong Fighting Hireling and do some great Farming. just hang back with the Main and stay out of trouble while your Hireling smashes the monsters standing between you and the loot.

when it comes to which Class to use for a Main or Hireling, it all boils down to your playing style. 2 of the same class or any other combination. I have been using a Wizard solo for a long time, and am working on getting a Warrior and Rogue Ascended with 6 Perks so I can try out different combinations and figure out what fits my playing style best.

some of the older Farm Builds can still be used, but the older they are, the more that there might have been some changes with updates that means they need a little tweaking.

Same :smiley: .

would you help me ?

I can’t, u need buy it with real money

oh… is there any another way?

Oh. No, you can only unlock a 2nd character by purchasing that slot as an IAP

how much?

each extra Character Slot is $0.99 U.S.

so if you really want to play with a Main & Hireling, then you need to buy 1 more slot.

if you want 1 of each Class, you need to buy 2 more slots.

if you want to go crazy like me and have 6 Characters, you need to buy all 5 slots.

anything that costs money in DQ is listed somewhere, usually in the Shop. Character slots are purchased from the change character button found before you start the Campaign part of the game.

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Okay thanks sir.

lately I have been thinking about my Golems Ultimate Farm Build #1. because of all the farm affixes, I don’t have much space to fix the problems I am encountering with a Blood Magic & Masochism combination. actually, it is one problem, resource control. if I am not careful, I can run out of HP at a bad time and end up tickling monsters with my Default DMG. I like the extra damage from Blood Magic, but might have to rethink the build. the one thing I do like about it is that I am killing the monsters pretty fast.

on another note, I finally got to Floor 1k +3 M3. I pulled out my old Crushing Flames Build, dusted it off, changed a few affixes, changed weapon elements, added a Rain Slime (couldn’t remember what Pet I was using before), climbed the last 15 floors and now I just need to make a Golems Ultimate Farm Build #2 that can farm up here.

as far as survivability, I have space for 1 more Crystal affix, so I will add Block to my OH and move the Crystal Dodge to my Chest. I think this build can go maybe another 100 floors, so I will keep climbing until I can’t go any further without a better build.