[build] Warrior [Whirlwind + Earthshatter] Updated as of 010316

This is my build. Hope to hear comments and suggestions. Thanks! :smile:

This is for easier viewing. lol

edited built as of JANUARY 03, 2016

Below was the picture of the edited items and skill stats



  • from “damage to elites(legend affix)” to “defiant(set affix)”


  • from “+whirlwind (epic affix)” to “movespeed(legend affix)”



  • from “13.71 M (damage per hit)” to “19.07 M (damage per hit)”
  • from “145.43 M (damage per sec)” to “201.20 M (damage per sec)”


  • from “16.35 M (damage per hit)” to “27.45 M (damage per hit)”
  • from “96.36 M (damage per sec)” to “160.96 M (damage per sec)”

As reference from the previous built (picture below)

HERES THE UPDATED VIDEO AS OF 123015 (i think there were 2 deaths cause by the meteor mob.lol. the hireling was equiped with this built)

Okay now, a little explanation and summary description of this built. This build is effective for grinding or mob farming. Focuses on Whirlwind and proc of Earthshatter. This is an obvious offensive (hit and run :sweat_smile: ) built.


  • Eternal Axe - was chosen for its great affixes and stats (also for whirlwind)


  • HATCHET - was only picked because of the “poison dmg” affix. Have shieldwall as special skill (taunt or shatter can also be substituted)


  • Crit Dmg
  • Crit Chance
  • Attack Spd


  • Total Hp - Picked to have a higher hp, (thinking of changing this one to block or deadly strike)
  • Dodge - chances to avoid deadly tnt and meteors


  • Nova - explosion that causes 100% elemental crit. would be helpful in dealing dot or poison
  • Ruptured - Additional 50% dmg for bleeding enemies. Great for tough bosses :smile:
  • Energy - mana resource! dont need to worry about casting spell (and additional dmg)
  • Empyrean - works with NOVA :smile: additional 50% dmg when you cause an elemental crit.


  • Adventurer - bonus damage!
  • Rage - Added defense and crit dmg
  • Momentum - i think almost every warrior needs this
  • Plagued - great damage multiplier
  • Terrashaper - great for additional attack and the probability are high because the proc works for hit and attack
  • Defiant - for more damage and damage reduction ! YEA!!! :smile:


  • Poison Dmg x2 -
  • Blight x3 -
  • Set Numbers x2 - SET multiplier!
  • Glasscannon x1 - great damage multiplier
  • Movespeed x3 - great damage multiplier. Must be MAXED OUT
  • Explosive x1 - BOOM! :sweat_smile:
  • Ignore Resist - a must have!


  • Deadly Strike x1 - a good 10%! :smile:
  • Bleed Chance x1 - a must! in order for ruptured and frenzy to work. i needed this affix because the hireling was set not to use cleave. Very low chance but i think this is already enough
  • Poison Dmg+ x1 -
  • Poison Dmg% x1 -
  • Whirlwind x1 - chose this instead of "elemental dmg+ or dmg% because of higher increase in DMG,
  • Total Mp x1 - totally useless. lol
  • Total AR% x1 - a little help for defense
  • WeaponDmg+ x1 -
  • WeaponDmg% x1 -
  • Attack speed x1 -
  • *Extra Attack Chance" - sounds great. lol

Mythic Stones:

  • All talents x2 - total of +10 on talents
  • All Skills x1 - a good +5 on skills


  • Might - Perfect for offensive built
  • Provocation - for easy grinding
  • Zealous - for additional speed and of course damage
  • Frenzy - i duno if this one still works with me but it should work well with bleed affixes


  • I have only one nature and that is “Elements”. Total of +30% Elemental Damage


  • Strength, Dexterity - 20 each
  • Whirlwind - should always be on cap
  • Earthshatter - should also be maxed out
  • Fortune - 18 points (thinking of transferring it to intelligence for some resist)


  • Set command was for whirlwind and shatter only
  • Whirlwind must be set to 10+ yards or more


  • can surely annihilate mobs in an instant. LOL


  • almost no defense. can die instantly as a hireling on m2/m3 maps with tnt and skyfall affix (and falling mobs. lol).

ill try to explain it more soon.

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What’s the focus of the build? (pvp / pvm)
What attacks do you use?

The build focuses on whirlwind attacks in either pvp/pvm.
Shatter is just for faster travel in pvm while in pvp, it is used to quickly gain distance to the opponent.
Cleave is for bleeding.
ill add some video link soon :smile:

This wont work at pvp. Make this as your pve only set and make another for pvp bro.

I see. Just some suggestions for pvm

Multi attack only works with your MH primary. So maybe for cleave?

I usually use horn/sprint for faster MS and bonus for momentum.
I like taunt as a special.
Prayer is awesome if you use your OH

Energy is great for Whirlwind type.
Nice axe
I’ll check the video out when you post ^^

Emman is there a solid WW build out there worth using? Or are people using something different on warriors now?

You’ll get one shotted by rogues and wiz in pvp. you won’t even be able to attack them. definitely not for pvp. good for pve tho

yeah. the multis just for cleave. cause cleave can cause bleeding much faster. which adds damage with the help of RUPTURED myth affix.
i rarely used cleave, just for mythic or legend bosses, to soften them out. :smile:

also FRENZY will be activated by bleeding mobs which also affects movement speed.

Frenzy and zealous for additional movement bonus for momentum.

ill upload a video this week. busy with some stuffs. lol

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please feel free to comment. also need some opinions. it would be appreciated. THANKS :grin: :sweat_smile:

Added to builds compendium.


The potential of Earthshatter’s individual craters was always there, but no one really got into it. Have you tried freeze or blistering?

This reminds me of a certain Poison build a while back, but more specced for warrior… Well done!

This will definitely enjoy Energy + 100% Bar****** affix next version! (Teasing :grin:)

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I have tried freezing before but no frozen affix. lol


hope this built will still be suited for the next patch.

Nice, you gave me an idea. I have an Eternal Travesty but I have nothing to use it for. I might try a PVE build with it

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thats great. it is a good weapon :grinning:

Still working on new version sir?

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Yep it is, but i havent updated it yet.

Anyway, no major changes with that, just the pet, “deadly strike affix” on the hatchet and the “attack speed crystal affix” on the helm.

Still farming with that on 500+ M3, it can surely go higher but havent tested it yet. Just prefer farming on 500+

How can i put poison damage on hatchet sir ? I cant find in legend crystal .help me sir

you need to hunt for the specific hatchet with that affix. please see your in-game list of equipments (legendex)

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this is like my Build :o without the defiant

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