DQ Builds Compendium [2.1]

A list of current working item builds for PVE & PVP. Have fun!


Name: Nadroji Luck
Modus: PVE
Author: Shay

Name: Warrior Build
Modus: PVE
Author: Raizen

Name: Fortune Bringer
Modus: PVE
Author: Chronos4321

Name: Master of Evasion
Modus: PVP
Author: f00kee

Name: Warrior [Whirlwind + Earthshatter]
Modus: PVE
Author: darellleyesa

Name: Crono Gift - Hachimon
Modus: PVE
Author: Chronos4321


Name: The Aftermath Build
Modus: PVE
Author: CuzegSpiked

Name: Reactor Set Build
Modus: PVE
Author: dhenning

Name: Greengarden
Modus: PVE
Author: Chronos4321

Name: Earthshaker
Modus: PVE, 2v2 PVP
Author: f00kee

Name: Cuzeg’s Meteor God
Modus: PVP
Author: CuzegSpiked

Name: Blighted Swamp Build
Modus: PVE
Author: Griffin012


Name: Blightbog Saboteur
Modus: PVE
Author: ocenyx

Name: Rougue Hireling PVM build
Modus: PVE Hireling
Author: VicBot

Modus: PVP
Author: Chronos4321

Name: Flamin’ Whirlwhind of Craftiness
Modus: PVP
Author: Ircher

Name: PoisonScream
Modus: PVE (PVP)
Author: Conquestlol

Name: Mayhem Project
Modus: PVE
Author: Mahout


Name: T-Shock Build
Modus: -
Author: Illuriouz

Name: XP farm build - Blighted Swamp Build
Modus: PVE
Author: Griffin012

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Thanx Refia

Wow my build is on there. Cool :grinning:

What happened to my build :(. Its a very good pvp build…

Link? If you haven’t opened the thread in the right catagory (guides). I won’t find it.

I wonder how that dagger rogue would do in PvE? Also wonder if there is a good WW warrior build too

btw @refia that greengarden setup i post isfor PvE, u write it as PvP. ppl will misunderstand that

It was part of my sig @ the oold forum…