[Build][Wizard+Rogue][PvE] Flash Fortune

Hey fellow farmers! :smile: I would like to present a combination of 2 great farming builds by @Lacuna_C and @f00kee.

Wizard main:

Rogue hireling:

Pets (Fauna for Wizard and Spark for Rogue):

Adventure Stats page:

###Pros of this build:

  • 1012% Luck
  • 350% Total Item Drop
  • 550% Eternal and Crystal Find Rate
  • 62.5% Ultra Rare Legend Find Rate
  • Ability to farm 500+ Mythic 3 floors fairly easily


  • Legendary and Mythical bosses on floors 500+ take 5s+ to kill

###Where to look for crucial items in this build:

  • Immortal Flintlock/Wand: floor 350, Mythic 3
  • Gemmed Crown: floor 350, Mythic 3
  • Loop of Epiphany: floor 600, Epic, Wizard item
  • Nadroji’s Crystal: floor 100, from powerful enemies (epic+ enemies)
  • Mutiny: floor 200, from powerful enemies (epic+ enemies)
  • Aether Wrap: floor 400, Wizard item
  • Apex of Epiphany: floor 600, Epic, Wizard item

To reach 1012% Luck you must have Fortunate perk from Ascension on Wizard and maxed out Fortune in Hero page on both Wizard and Rogue. Both of your characters need to have Epiphany(5) set. Also don’t forget to check that the last difficulty you played with your Rogue hireling as a main toon was Mythic 3, because the current difficulty affects only your main toon and not your hireling. (This might change in the future because I feel like it’s a bug, but pls don’t report this to devs. Devs if you are reading this pls forget that you read this).

EDIT: Also because I’m kinda obsessed with Luck, here’s luck formula when using a hireling:

(Affixes_M + Natures_M + Fortune_M + Difficulty_M +
Affixes_H + Natures_H + Fortune_H + Difficulty_H) / 2 + Fortunate_M + 50


Affixes - sum of Luck affixes on gear and pet
Natures - sum of Luck natures * 25
Fortune - hero points spent in Fortune * 2,5
Difficulty - number of difficulty * 50 (Very easy is number 0, Mythic 3 is number 8)
Fortunate - perk (200%)
_M - main character
_H - hireling
(Affixes_M + Natures_M + Fortune_M + Difficulty_M) is capped at 650% or 812,5% if you have Epiphany(5) set. Same goes for (Affixes_H + Natures_H + Fortune_H + Difficulty_H).
All luck is capped at 850 or 1012% with Epiphany(5) on main character.

This can be used to calculate that if you have capped 812,5% Luck at your main character, you need only 21012 - 812,5 - 2250 = 711,5 Luck at your Hireling, which, after you substract Luck from difficulty and Fortune and becomes 711,5 - 350 - 50 = 311,5. After you substract 225 from 1x crystal Luck affix you get 311,5 - 225 = 86,5, so getting 4x Natures of Luck should be enough to reach the cap, because 4x25 is greater than 86,5 (it doesn’t need to be perfect 225, the lowest you can go is 211,5 and even if you go lower, you can still add Nature of Luck).
Conclusion: If you have maxed Luck on main hero (812,5%) your hireling needs only 1x crystal affix of Luck and 4x Natures of Luck to reach 1012% Luck.

To reach 350% Total Item Drop you must have 4x 50% Item Drops on both Wizard and Rogue.

To activate Epiphany bonus you must have 70% total attack speed: 45% from crystal affix + 15% from epic affix + 4x 2,5% from Natures.

I :heart: both Miss Fortune and Flash Farmer build, so I combined them both for more fun! :smile: (but really I’m lazy and just want to walk around and collect loot). I use Wizard as a main, because I have bigger chance of getting OP wizard items like Epiphany, Aether and Cerebral Vortex gear.

All credit goes to already mentioned DQ veterans @Lacuna_C and @f00kee. You can find their original builds here:

Also as a noob and a part of recently started war on noobiness:


Shouldn’t you have at least 1 flat ED+?

Because of where ED+ is located in the damage formula it is actually highly inefficient in PvE builds :smile:

oh so there’s no need for a flat ED+ in PVE builds? :o

@macon There’s a great guide about Dmg Formula in PvE and it says that ED+ is useless, because it isn’t multiplied by anything except Attack Speed, so if you do Billions of Dmg, you aren’t gonna notice some +5000 Dmg.


I made half of this build, just the Main char part (Don’t have crystals to make hireling yet, haha).

This is what I got: 931% Luck and 1012% Gold find. Didn’t get 350% item drop cause my hireling have a full PvP Build and here is where it get confuse to me; my hireling dps build do not have Epiphany Set and I still have capped +GF% and Luck above 850%. So, it’s a bug? Or it’s intentional to do not need epiphany on hireling to cap Luck% and GF%?

Edit1: the worse part is that I have capped Luck and GF on Main and on Hireling just 550% Luck and 400% Gold Find. (Without Fortunate)

I don’t know the formula for GF (pun intended), so I will talk only about Luck.

Without Epiphany(5) set on Hireling the max Luck you can achieve is 981,25%. With Epiphany(5) on Hireling you can achieve 1012,5%.

You have 931,2% Luck, because (812,5 + 550) / 2 + 200 + 50 = 931,25.

If you would cap the Luck on your Hireling WITHOUT Epiphany(5), it would be (812,5 + 650) / 2 + 200 + 50 = 981,25, because cap for Luck on Hireling without Epiphany is 650.

If you would cap the Luck on your Hireling WITH Epiphany(5), it would be (812,5 + 812,5) / 2 + 200 + 50 = 1062,5 -> 1012,5, because cap for Luck on Main with Epiphany is 1012,5.

i working on this build for my rogue for hirling…all armor are done until the last hat to get complete following this build but waste over 20 obsidian just to get 45% attack speed on my epihany hat for my rogue…is 45% attack speed doesnt appear in epihany hat or i just unlucky and need to keep trying put my obisian until get the attack speed crystal affix :sob:

I had a couple questions about the items, how did u get momentum amulet? i only see 2 type in warrior legend codex. also, how did you get adventure on insolence? and where did the plaged robe come from? im farming 500 on epic until i figure out how to get these items :frowning: HOOK IT UP

@dshin925 check the Codex for the Plagued Robe, Adventurer can be rolled with Amethyst, and Momentum can be rolled with Amethyst on Warrior items only, and then Jasper used to change the Class of the item. Plagued can also be rolled with Amethyst, so you can get it on looted items or with the Crystal.

does this build still work? i havent played in a while but started again and seems like i was following this guide

also, any tips to farm/attain this gear? i am at m3 357 floor but i die like… 20 times to clear one map… any advice? still need immortal wand gemmed crown mutiny , do i need insolance? also wondering which amulet has adventure etc

ooo okay, i dont have amethyst thats why i didnt understand lol, how should i start farming high level gems to craft gear?

Dying a Lot: HP becomes less important the higher you go on the floors. even if you make a build with Hulk amount of HP, you will eventually reach a floor where even the weakest monster can 1 hit you to death. you need to get your Dodge to 60%, and if you can, get Block to at least 45%. many players also add Sanctuary Mythic on their Necklace. saves you from getting killed but has a 30 second cool down. this is all defense. on the offense side, you need to be able to kill monster fast so they don’t have a chance to hit you, or at least fewer monster trying to take your head for a trophy. because Farm Builds have fewer slots for defense and attack because of farming affixes, most players only use them for floors lower than 1,000, usually farming floors 500 or less, depending on what they are farming for. also, movement. points in Dexterity or movement affixes help you get out of range of monsters trying to kill you so you can hit them from far away or get time to heal and attack again. or skills that move you around, like Teleport, Sprint, Vault are examples.
High Tier Crystals: first, a good Farm Build that maxes out your Luck and Gold Find. Crystaline Set helps. increasing your Item Drop Rate works good too. and the higher the Tier of the Monster, the better loot (Crystals) it can drop. every 100 floors (100, 200, 300, 400, & 500) you lose a lower Crystal drop, but gain a better chance at higher Crystal drops. so at floor 200, you don’t drop the 2 lowest Crystals anymore, but the next 2 highest Crystals start dropping, with better chances (but only a very small better chance) for the Ultra Rare ones. the expensive way to get the Rare Crystals is converting Legend items to Crystals, and for Ultra Rare Crystals, Crystal Legends, Eternal, and I think Mythic items. which is why you need lots of Gold. 245,000 Gold for converting Legends, and 500,000 Gold for converting Eternal and Crystal Legends. another way is spending gold to convert 2 lower Crystals to 1 of the next higher Crystal. and the higher the Tier of the Crystal, the more gold it takes. so if you had 2 Amethyst and really needed an Obsidian, you would convert the 2 Amethyst to 1 Obsidian. if you go the other way, it is 1 to 1, so if you had 3 Obsidian, and needed 1 Amethyst, you convert 1 Obsidian to get 1 Amethyst.


for getting obsidian and amethyst, do they drop if i’m doing regular and not m3 for floor 500?

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sure they drop on lower difficulties, but you still need good farm gear. remember, lower difficulty levels give a lower Luck bonus, so you need to make that up somehow, but since the monsters are easier to kill, you can do lots of maps in a short time. that is one reason I got my 6 Perks first before I farmed, because the Perks improve my ability to farm.

To answer your question the answer is yes. However, Any eternal converted into an ultra rare Crystal can be obsdian on any floor and a lot more reliable☺

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Eternal item conversion is the way to go

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its too costly no? i only have 40 m and if i convert all eternal items i have, i’ll have no money for ascension lol