building suggestions for pve mage, only eternal items please

Please help me to build a strong building with only eternal items for the mage class, I want suggestions for combinations of items, it can be a very expensive type nadroji et…(I’m new to the game but I’ve already reached floor 200.

I wouldnt recommend an entirely eternal based build

here is a post showing why most players don’t make Eternal Item only builds. basically, only a few crystals can be use to modify them, so there are only a few combinations that are really good. some players have made these kind of builds, but I would suggest getting to know the game a little better. this way, you will know which Eternal Items would be the best to use for whatever your build idea is.

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With this you will die many Times because you dont have sanctuary but, i Can Make billion damage. I havent test it but i have a very similar poison build that works (better).
Storm proc and twister with gantlet Can be good for poison dot and plagued set. The rogue weapon change Into skull and skullshield is good for auto attack. The Maël Armor is very good for move speed to dodge enemies’ attacks.

It’s a very weak build but with 100% eternal item, i think it’s one of the best

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An all-eternal seven deadly sins build would be good for farming, but good luck finding that eternal merlins imp.


@CPTcman ive got the imp. :sunglasses: So has @Golem

I have 2 Legend ones, but not an Eternal.

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Yeah ive only got a legend one too

I just now thought of doing a Rogue & Warrior 7DS Farm Team. both with 7DS! for fun to see what it looks like and see how it works.

I have one more level to go for level 99 for both. then I can finally end my Rogue & Warrior Ascending Thread.

I’ve found 3 legend merlins imps, but not the eternal one. I figure I can quit the game after i get that holy of holies. I fully intend to try an all eternal 7ds build once i find him.