Can someone tell me which one better?

the left one got so much dps and the right one really impressed me wiith the rarity im confused (dont mind the epic affixes)

U have 50 percent damage myth stone on ur leg item

From a damage perspective, the left one is better, BUT remember that you can edit crystal legends like any other item. Want WD+ on your crystal chakra? Just use Sapphire or Topaz. Want 50% damage? Use kyanite, Zircon, then Endow.

This, I’m inclined to say that the right one is more likely to be the better one, but in the present state, the left one is better. The last thing to consider is the set affix: is Trickster or Periphery more important to you?


Remove Bumerang from Muramasa and add Wp DMG+ also get max numbers on epic affixes(without luck),just use WB it’s better.

the +2 Multi Attack is boosting your DPS a lot. the DPS shown on weapons like that are only using the affixes that are on them to determine it’s DPS, I think, I haven’t really done a comparison against the stat page. also, I think it is for the weapon as a whole, and on the stat page, it shows the DPS for the individual Skills. without the Multi Attack, it might be around 160k DPS, and with out the attack speed, the other one would be around 130k DPS. I was using my :brain: as a calculator, so I could be off by a bit.