Cannot create another chracter

Go ahead :smile:

Are filipino?

Are you Filipino?

No sorry I reside in canada :smile:

A ok sir…
Can you give me tips for a beginner?

Here are some pages with useful information and tips for beginners :smile:

Haha so long…can you give me summary sir…hihi

Ok 3 word summary coming up:

Farm a lot

Haha “that so called very short summury” :joy::joy:
What is the most efficient char?

Wizard early game :smile:

Ok , where i should spent hero points and level points?

Hero points should go into fortune and level points should go into power :smile:

Only fortune? Or 20, 30 points?

Fortune to start strength then dexterity once you have maxed fortune :smile:

How many points do i have to spend in fortune until it max?

20 :smile:

A only 20 points in fortune then another 20 for strength then another 20 for dex?

Yes :smile:

Ok thank you sir…then in level of map sir? Normal or magic or epic or legend?

Use all of them :smile: