Cant roll Elemental damage?

Was reading around forums and seeing alot of chat bout ed, but over in wiki crystal crafting restrictions page mentions that one of many legend affixes not rollable is elemental damage. Im confused how to get this / craft this on gear.

Sigh. I know… ““get good””. :confused:

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You cannot roll Legendary Elemental Damage; Fire Damage, Poison Damage, Shock Damage, Ice Damage and Arcane Damage. You need this from gear drops like Defiant Mutiny, Mayhem Entropic Jewel, Epiphany Hat, Defiant Insolence etc.

Take a look at the old legendex and peruse the affix list. There are three sheet tabs (warrior, wizard and rogue). The list is dated but good enough to look at affixes.

LegendEx.xlsx (73.2 KB)

Don’t forget to use the in-game legendex also. You are doing great. Ask questions if you are uncertain!! The forum is very helpful.


Seems what my brain wasnt grasping was that its broken into fire, shock etc… i was searching for elemental damage… literally. O.o

And i overlooked epic affixes. Only 35 rubys wasted on this science project. Not bad. :confused:


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Meh no biggie. Don’t forget about weapon damage as well!! It is weapon specific but can go up to 200% on a legend gear!!! Weapon damage is also known as weapon damage - so no confusion there.

Old list of affixes below.

List of Affixes.xlsx (32.9 KB)



So, one last question. Following that restriction list, only block shows restrictions via obsidian.

Is it possible, as eg: , to craft a legend fates travesty, remove the weapon damage+ and craft it back on with obsidian as crystsl affix? Or am i still missing something here?

Below is the list of all affixes obtainable from obsidian. You cannot obtain Weapon Damage from Obsidian or Ruby (drop only).

Crystal Affixes
Attack Speed
Reduced Cost
Reduced CD
Crit Chance
Crit DMG
MP Regen
HP Regen
Gold Find
All Resist
Total HP
Total MP
HP On Hit
MP On Hit
Crushing Blow
Deadly Strike

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Important note that may not be clear;

Let’s pretend you want Obsidian Critical Damage on your MH and your MH already has epic Critical Damage. Until the epic Critical Damage affix is removed, you will never be able to roll it’s Obsidian version on the same gear. Some players try to use this when there is an affix they do not want on a gear but doing so limits your Obsidian list choices. For example, a player may want Obsidian Critical Chance on a gear so they might have epic or normal gold find, luck etc to keep those affixes from being available in the Obsidian list. Maybe that helped save you some obsidian in the future.

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Sweet. Ty

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I sometimes temporarily replace gear that may conflict with what I want on another piece of gear. Epic Affixes don’t seem to care, but Ruby and Obsidian Affixes tend to look around at what you already have available.

And yeah, I concure with Mr Scooty. Choose your drops wisely, and configure from there. I’ll sometimes dump all but one or two Affixes on a drop, and reconfigure the rest just to get a set of gear that works well for me.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in a drop from your own class. You might try converting a drop from one of the other classes. Below is an incomplete list of conversions. I’m still working on testing the rest.

Wizard. Warrior. Rogue.

Gauntlet. Axe Bow
Sword. Sword Dagger
Wand. Lance. Pistols
Orb. Shield. Smokebomb
Book. Coatweapon

Like I said the list of conversions as I know of them is incomplete. There might be a more complete list in wiki. Not 100% sure of my own list without further testing.

Have fun… :grinning:

Skull. Toss. Mirror

I think are correct. That was the main set throwing me off. Never did much with the Staff.

By process of elimination that should mean

Staff Hammer Chirukim

But like I said, I’m still testing it.

I looked it up, duhh. Told ya I wasn’t 100%.

Here I simplified it.

Yer welcome… :grinning:

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Regarding ed%, why is it better than I.e. poison damage%

They are the same thing. Elemental damage is shock, poison, arcane etc. I hope that helps. I noticed in my response from 2 years ago that I accidentally left off poison damage (I will edit that post now).

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Yes Ty