Need help with my build to my wizard (pve)

IR:Ignore Resist,CB:Crushing Blow,ED:Elemental DMG,ID:Item Drop Rate,ECD:Elemental Crit DMG,EAC:Extra Attack Chance,MA:Multi Attack,KC:KnightCharge,GF:Gold Find,DS:Deadly Strike,AS:Attack Speed,+2 AS:+2 All set affixes,[L]:Legendary(Affix type),[C]:Crystal(Affix type)


well who wouldnt want more dmg? xD

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how do I get crystal affixes on my gear? and thanks :wink:

anyways gonna keep grinding to get crystal and mythstones now so I can uppgrade my gear once I actually got all I need

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Also how do I get the green affixes that is in that warrior tank build? cant find them in the codex (at least not on the right item)

U can use Obsidian Crystal to add Crystal Affixes to item.

Skaul’s DQ School

Rollable Affixes


Mythics by Griffin

3.0 Set Bonuses by Alkahest

All About Weaknesses

How to Max Farming Stats

Look at thats also u can ask what u don’t understand.Also i should fix some wrong set affix explains on the wiki/dictionary:
Frozen:Frozen enemies explode and deal %25 of the last dmg per rank when die.
Crushing Flames:Increases Crushing Blow’s last dmg %50 per rank.If enemy Immoloted(fire element crit) increases Immolation DMG %25 per rank.
Arcanist:Adds to your attacks arcade buff.%20 more element dmg per rank for one enemy with arcane debuff.
Living Force:Your procs come back to you.They deal %20 dmg per rank when coming back to you.
Deadly Arts:%1 chance per rank finish all cooldowns when you trigger deadly strike.Reducades dmg taken from Deadly Strike(Methinks %1 per rank idk).<- already useless i think.


Allready read some about how to max farming stats, will dive in to the others later today. Also at warrior. I created one and took it as a hireling (equipped it with a set of 4 pieces that all give exp %, goldfind and luck.) and lvl Hp and strengh and fortune at the skilltree or whatever. now am just trying to get everything, I allready got a bloodmagic ring that I can use on it once it reaches lvl 50, but any reccomendations on what affix to focus on at start when building the tank? also how do I get the taunting?

U can change your OH special with Amber.Faun’s Gifts,Angelic,Defiant,Plagued must be.Others not such important.

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okay, so I can change vampiric touch or whatevr? also, how do I get the affixes I need on my pet?

all these armor% and stuff like that. do I just need to be lucky or can i change my pet’s affixes?
also since I dont got + 2 set affix or whatevr I right now got 4 gears with Faun’s Gift on my warrior just to gain the exp bonus, later I will switch out some of them for the other set affixes and increas all of them with +set affix.


U can use kyanite&angelite for remove and add affixes or just sapphire for change item affix directly.(but when u use a crystal on pet it’s cost be 5x more(like 5 kyanite) so convert all crystals
to others and just use one by one for don’t lose to 4 more crystals.

Yes u can keep like this till get +2 all set affixes x2.

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if it would help you to help me I could send the warrior items I got right now (they are not lvl 100 items yet though since I am not lvl 50+ with my warrior)

How u want man.

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also do you know why there is a problem login in on the forum with my phone? I litteraly cant login. it just refuses xD but with computer there is no problem
just figured someone here might know so might aswell ask
and since I dont get in on my phone I cant get the photo’s of the build so…

If u are using mobile data sometimes u can’t enter but not regularly.If not be like this idk.Check everything about can be problem even so u can’t reach it ask to tdaniel or support.

Then upload them any image upload site on PC and download on your phone.

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Set Affixes (Green): some Sets can be rolled with Amethyst by any Class onto any Item. some Sets can only be rolled with Amethyst onto certain Classes items, some Sets can only be found on certain Classes items, and need a Jasper to switch the item to another Class to be used. Blood Magic Set is not found on any item, but can be rolled by any Class onto any item with Amethyst.
when you look at builds other players have posted, if you cant find the item in that Classes part of the Codex, check the other Class entries in the Codex to see if it is there. items with the same name in all Classes might have different affixes, so players use Jasper if they want an affix another Class has on their item.

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I also encountered same problem @ColdButBeautiful . I usually use my default browser app in my phone to log in to dq forum but one day I just can’t log in for some reason, it says ‘error ##’ something like that. So I tried using google chrome, still doesn’t work :grimacing:. I even emailed dq support but they said there’s no problem on their end, and i could try clearing cache of my browser, but strike two it still doesn’t work :sob: . Last thing i did was to update google chrome to its latest version, and finally i can log in to forum! :heart_eyes: Even now i still can’t use my default browser to log in.

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well it didnt say any error for me, it simply loaded as it was trying to login but nothing happend. the site updated and I was still logged out
and I am using iPhone so I mainly use Safari as my browser

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also for my build am trying to save up for Ragnarok for my warrior and get that tankbuild ready with taunts. that way I should be able to grind better with my wiz as main character. also trying to figure out what everything does. right now saving up crystals to get the last 3 crystals that I dont have and trying to get the last 5 or 6 mythstones aswell. once I got some of all I will start to make the build for real. thanks for everything (to everyone who helped) its really apprieciated (sry I dont remember how to spell correctly in english anymore lol)

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Also just read a little about the weakness affix. It seems pretty nice and to increase dmg some. Just dont know if it would be worth it on my wiz? Weakness is not that hard to get on epic affixes (I dont got material to get legend or crystal affixes yet) but would it be worth it?

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For me it’s very helpful for damage boost, better than ignore resist. I used to have 2 crystal +90% Weaken (total 180% Weaken) and it didn’t disappoint me, though some would suggest one crystal Weaken is enough but one thing for sure Weaken is handy.

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