So I now have a rogue with capped Luck (+650%) and Item Drops (+200%) and a warrior and wizard with capped Gold Find (+650%) and Item Drops (+200%) and this raised a few questions:

Q: Is this counted separately from the bonuses from difficulty? (The capped values are shown on Easy, is there any benefit to playing on higher difficulty?)

Q: Is this counted separately from the bonuses on challenge maps? For example if I go into this map:

Have I now 650 (player cap) + 1000 (legend map) + 400 (bonus affix) = +2050% Luck, and 200 (player cap) + 1000 (legend map) + 199.2 = +1399.2% item drops?

Q. Will Luck / Item shrines have an effect (go over the cap)? Is “you feel lucky” a placebo on a character with capped Luck?

Follow-up: same Rogue also has capped Move Speed (+50%), and Adventurer (5). Does the move speed bonus from Adventurer (+37.5%) go over cap / is it intended to?

Same Rogue has Momentum (5) on pet. Is this bonus affected by an over-cap “current” move speed / is it intended to have this synergy with Adventurer or for ex. Zealous move speed bonuses?

  1. you can check on the stats page. Difficulty, Shrine buffs and Equips use the same cap.

  2. Map rewards bonuses only affect the final chest. Legend and Eternal Map bonuses affect everything and is independent from player.

  3. Those sets do not count towards the 50% Affix cap. Intended.

  4. As stated in the Dictionary, Momentum uses total Movespeed bonuses.

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For Damage of Momentum as I know it’s capped at 100% Movespeed as a modifier. That’s why sprint was optimize for a warrior as you get bonus damage when you sprint even if you already have 50% MS

Edit: Don’t know if the cap of 100% was change though.