Chakram build

If you want to break the rules with chakram…
Without elemental critical and with high move speed on Map 1350.


Cool Down is better than Attack Speed when using Chakram, for Boomerang & Whirling Blades. way better. the time it takes the Chakrams to return is based on CD, not AS. you’ll see a BIG difference.

I tested my Rogue with the Arena Test Dummy and Ballista Set & Chakram, and I didn’t see any increase in damage. might be different in PVE, but I didn’t see any increase in damage there either when I did tests.

the rest of the Build looks great.

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Thank you for CD correction. I will try but i have to keep attack speed for epiphany bonus. Or i Can change Hat :slight_smile:

if you really need the Epiphany Bonus for your Build, how about change the Ballista Set to Rage. you can get it with Amethyst, but you have to Jasper Item to Warrior first. this should get your Crit Damage to +350% with only one Crystal +225% Crit Dmg. this way, you can Craft a new Ring or Cap with Crystal +45% Cool Down, which ever is easiest to Craft.

let me tell you, it was kind of amazing/exciting when I saw how fast Whirling Blades & Boomerang returned with Cool Down. actually makes Periphery Set absolutely deadly.

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I have try CD and it’s Amazing but i am confused. Why is there Always Attack speed on eternal chakram but no CD reduction ?

For my part, i am waiting on other players to kick me on 2v2 PvP. And i am waiting on DQ2. I dont play as often as before. It is why i share my builds.

here’s a Post I made while doing Chakram tests.

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