Change or Keep?

:sob:My warrior keeps getting one-shotted

My DMG is doing very well, but the survivability makes me poor and it’s unbearable to play.

I don’t know which affixes to change to keep the balance of dmg and survivability.

Also, I have read recently that ED+ doesn’t multiply my damage, but ED%+ does, so should I keep all ED+ and ED%+ at the same time? or just ED%+?

Thank you. :grin:

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I actually feeling better with Sprint skill cuz it’ll damage them and healing us maybe i can summon the master @Golem wooo

this post shows you in what order the affixes go to do damage, from the BWD (Base Weapon Damage) up to +ED. the +ED is last before you start getting into other damage multipliers.

by the way, is this a Farming Build, Ascending Build, or a Hybrid Farm & Ascending Build? and are you climbing floors also?

to help out with your defense problem, take out all of your +5000 Poison and replace them with Epic +10% Dodge. this should give you +40% Dodge, with the +10% Dodge each Character starts with, and +10% Dodge if you have dexterity 20. this will give you a total of +60% Dodge (cap) plus the +15% Block on your OH. sure, you lose a little damage, but as long as you are alive, you are still doing damage to enemies until THEY are dead!

since you are getting 1 shot killed, the Armor on Spike is useless. change it to +20% Poison (make sure you use Calcite to change Spike to Poison Element). this will help make up for all the +5000 Poison you took off. also, for that Legend +200%ish Weapon Damage to be useful, make sure you have at least 50 or higher in Power Stat, plus what ever you need in Mana.

do you have Twister Skill on the Hammer? if not, change +10 Twister to +10 Storm to make Storm Proc more powerful or to another affix that is useful.

hope this helps.

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hi Golem, I was planning to build a floor climbing build. I also thought that those affixes from my pet cannot be changed by crystals😅, well that’s new.

Thank you.

the first 8 Crystals and Topaz can be used on Pets at the cost of 5 to 1, as in, if it takes you 5 attempts to change your Ice Imp to a Shock Imp, it will cost 25 Calcite. because of this, you shouldn’t use Topaz unless you are desperate and have a lot, or are just trying to get that last Epic affix that Angelite/Larimar isn’t getting for you the easy way.

there are four types of Builds:

  1. Farming (For getting Treasure)
  2. Ascending (For getting Perks)
  3. Floor Climbing (For climbing to higher floors for bragging rights)
  4. PVP (For fighting other players Heroes in the Battle Arena)

Farming Builds have affixes for getting the Treasure you need.

Ascending Builds have affixes for getting Perks efficiently and quickly.

Floor Climbing Builds have affixes for survival and destroying monsters.

PVP builds have affixes for defense and wasting another players Hero.

all of these builds are different from each other, and Hybrid builds (builds that do 2 or more build types at the same time) can do a lot, but don’t do as well as a build that focuses on one type. the only one I know that kind of has a chance are Farm/Floor Climbing Hybrid Builds for floors 1k or higher to get the really rare Items when you don’t have enough Dust to get them…

what you might want to do is farm on a lower floor to build up your Crystals & Myth Stones while thinking of a better build for later, and then you can make it and end up farming on a higher floor to get better Crystals, Myth Stones, and Items, and then make that Floor Climbing Build that laughs at monsters while making them melt off of the screen.

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