Golems BWD & DPS

Base Damage: (these values are from the Dungeon Quest Wiki)

Hatchet: 30. All Other OH: 25.

Wizard: Gauntlet - 64 Staff - 45 Sword - 30 Wand - 27.

Warrior: Hammer - 75 Lance - 40 Axe - 26 Sword - 24.

Rogue: Chakram - 60 Bow - 40 Dagger - 30 Flintlock - 25.


Edit: I was looking at the Min/Max value part of the BWD Formula, and then read the earlier post in the same thread by @SteigerBox and have come to the conclusion that I use the larger of the 2 numbers. in @Clogon example, he used a level 20 Weapon, which makes both values the same. but if you divide level 1 to 19 Weapons by 20, you get a number lower than 1, which means you use the maximum level value of 1, same as a level 20 Weapon. but when you divide level 21 to 100 level Weapons by 20, you get a value higher than 1, so you would use the higher maximum value. a level 100 Chakram would look like this:


I also need to change some of the values in the rest of the post, hope I get them all.

the two numbers most players are interested in is 20 for Weapons in Battle Arena and 100 for max level Weapons in the Campaign.

using a Chakram again, BWD for level 1 is 75, for level 20 is 360 and level 100 is 7800. Easy!


it took me long time to understand how this works, mostly from reading posts on the subject.

the first part of DPS is adding DMG from Power Stat. after Patch 3.0, every point in Power Stat gives 75 DMG. every one starts with 5 points in Power, Health, & Mana. that is +375 DMG. if all points are in Power (103 total) you get +7725 DMG.

with that Chakram at level 100 & 5 Power: 7800 + 375 = 8175. 103 Power: 7800 + 7725 = 15,525. Builds have different requirements for Power, Health, & Mana, so keep this in mind. (BWD + Power)

the second part of DPS is WD% & IQ with WD+ added after. IQ, or Item Quality, is 0 for Beginner Characters and Characters returned to level 1 after choosing a Perk. IQ has a random range of -10% to +10% on items found from looting monsters, buying from the Shop, or using Dust to get Legend from LegendEx. using Emerald Cyrstals, you can get IQ up to +25%. Eternal Items all have +50% IQ. for simplicity, I will use Epic WD% & WD+ with IQ of +25%.

Chakram Low Power: 8175 x 1.25 (+25% Item Quality) = 10,218.75. 10,218.75 x 2 (+100% WD) = 20,437.5 or 20,438. 20,438 + 5000 (+5000 WD) = 25,438 DMG. Chakram High Power = 43,813 DMG. if you have the space, use both WD% and WD+ (the DMG value is the same whether you do IQ or WD% first). with this part of the formula, depending on the Weapons BWD & how much Power you put into your Build, you can decide on if you want WD%, WD+, or both. ((BWD + Power)x(1+IQ)x(1+WD%))+5000 WD+. for negative IQ (-1% to -10%), it would look like this: (1+ -10%) or (1 - 0.1%) or (0.9%), (0.99%) for a -1% IQ.

the third part of DPS is ED% and ED+. Normal & Epic ED% and ED+ can be rolled on any item and Pet. you can have up to 7 of each. Legend ED% can only be found on an item except for Pets. you can have up to 6 of these. ED on any Item needs to be the same Element as a Weapons Element or it will not be calculated as part of the DMG. for simplicity, I will use one Legend ED% and two Epic ED+.

Chakram Low Power: 25,438 x 2 (+100% ED) = 50,876 DMG. 50,876 + 10,000 (+5000 ED x 2) = 60,876 DMG. Chakram High Power with the same ED% and ED+: 97,626 DMG. whether low or high Power, ED% gives better DMG per space than ED+. (((BWD + Power)x(1+IQ)x(1+WD%))+5000 WD+)x(ED%)+10,000 ED+.

the fourth part of DPS is Attack Speed for MH primary Skills (Attacks per Second) and Cool Down (duration of Skill in seconds) for MH Special Skill and OH Skills. all weapons have a base APS. Attack Speed increases how often you can cast your MH Primary Skill per second. Cool Down shortens the time you have to wait to use your other Skills after casting them.

the fifth part of DPS is everything else that affects DMG or how often/fast your Spells can be cast.

here is a more detailed look at what goes into making a good DMG Build. I noticed he forgot to put Power Stat into the equation, which can make a big difference in a Build.

when you Craft a Build, a big thing to keep in mind is Constant DMG and Spike DMG. Constant DMG is DMG that is done every time you attack. Spike DMG is some kind of extra DMG that is done when meeting some kind of requirement. Glasscannon is an example of Constant DMG. it increases all DMG done by +50% at the cost of 50% of your HP. Crit Chance is an example of Spike DMG. you have a +10% or higher chance to do Critical DMG. Defiant Set is kind of goes both ways. it gives a Constant +25% DMG to all attacks, and +5% per Rank Spike DMG based on how much HP you currently have.

this post is mostly for players who want to increase DMG of their Campaign Builds. if you use the BWD Formula for a level 20 Weapon and look for posts on affix values for Battle Arena, you can get a good start on making tough PVP Builds.

Edit: I put in the new values for DMG after coming to a new understanding of how the Min/Max part of the BWD Forumula works. DMG went up a lot and looks more like what us Players see when Crafting our Weapons.