Charged Inferno (Patch 2.3) Wizard [Fire and shock guide] 🔥⚡[PvE]

The concept for fire and shock is for enemies to be stunned/paralysed with stack debuff and then the fire attack gets multiplied by high voltage and stack debuff and that also means bleed is effected. I have went far into floor 1257 and counting with a build type like this.

Fire and shock concept was always possible but with the Inferno set and some other affixes, it’s more damaging. Any build is capable of the fire shock/voltage combo as long as their main attack is fire and with pretty high stun/shock capabilities. Very good in PvE and for PvP, stack debuff and high fire dmg will be great for fire builds against ppl without perserverance.

Aftermath I chose because I was most familiar with the build compared to others but now I know how good it is to break the comfort zone.

I know some of you may say: “but arcanist builds are far superior and there’s hachimon and green garden”. That is true but I just wanted to play dq with a different approach. I love it so far, despite some challenges. I don’t always like the really easy way.

Still, with an arcanist build, you could have fire and arcanist with high voltage to buff your attacks with any kind of stun.

Now I shall talk specifically about my build.

Set affixes:

Defiant: perma 25% increase dmg.

Momentum : 50% dmg but because  I have up to 90% move speed, it will be 45% dmg which is still quite big. I get 40% move speed from 10% dexterity +30% legend move speed. I then get 50% move speed from drought potion on top of solid 40% move speed for 90% move speed.  

Inferno: More 50% fire ed. Also, fire and bleed dot dmg gets sped up by 0.5 seconds. This means, instead of 40% fire per 1 second and bleed dot, they can deal dot dmg every 0.5 seconds which is essentially doubling your potential. 

Rage: For max crit dmg. If I had eternal pet  with 150% crit dmg, I would replace it with adventurer or mashochism or whatever  suits my build.

Pathfinder:  Increases  dmg by 62.5% of dodge. Since I have 50% dodge altogether, 62.5%×50= 31.25% more dmg.  The 31.25% dmg is permanent  too which is good. 

Vampiric touch: Increase  bleed dmg by 62.5%. That's  only reason why I want it. Very killer with blistering!

Aftermath: Just the style of my build. Meteor gives taunt which stuns enemies and the stunned enemies receive 100% more dmg to them thanks to high voltage.  Taunt also gets  many enemies effected at once by meteor and crater for high dmg, great for any map.
Fear is ok too. Shatter at 20 hero points gives 50% stun chance and the shatter can paralyse with shock. Faster I spend energy,  more dmg. 


Ruptured: I would always use that in bleed builds. Too good! Always  good to deal 50% more dmg thanks to ruptured because  when enemy bleeding, they suffer moar!
 Sanctuary:  Wise choice. Survival is already  high but it makes it that much harder to die. Empyrean is also an option too.
 Drought: 50% Move speed. Always good for momentum.  I do have to click potion alot but it's  worth it. Alternatively, syngery can also be an option for move speed,  but you will lose a way to get defiant (unless u use mutiny gauntlet or ragnaork). That's  why I chose drought. 
 Energy:  100% extra dmg  but not exactly 100%. Still,  I could get from 25%-75% dmg depending on % of energy left. Very good but just needs balance between gaining and spending.

Vanish: I just did it because  I can. Nice for survival . The blind is neat (smoke bombs do that anyway) and the occasional  stealth is useful. If you don't  need it, you could use nova, enigma or another affix.

Bonus: Epiphany bonus for 70% total dmg. Totally worth it :slight_smile: .

Natures: 4× haste and 2× of elements. Haste for epiphany bonus.


Sorcery:  Give 100% dmg to element dot. That means,  fire dot will deal 80% dot dmg per 0.5 seconds instead of 40% and stack debuff can get 100% after 4 attacks instead of 50% (I think?).

Amplify: Gives 40%+ dmg for each  element dot. I think it means my meteor dmg will be raised by 40% on a fire attack like  the typical pathfinder or defiant.

Astral: 3% Ed of all resist.  Since my all resist is 1005, 3% of that =30.15% ed. Nice substitute  for might talent since wizards  don't  have might talent. Very good with resist shrines atm!

Empower: Increase power by 50% and reduce HP by 50%. My 7475 power ×1.5 =11212.5. Totally worth reducing  HP and major dmg!

Power: 299 for 7475 dmg. With empower, that gets me 11212.5 dmg from power to add to bwd. Super crucial for wizard.

Hero point: 20 meteor. 20 dexterity. 20 intelligence (1000 all resist good with astral talent), 20 shatter (optonal), 19skullshield (optional) or 19 fortune.

Epic affix (only from pet): 15% attack speed (epiphany bonus reasons) and 250 no on hit (for balance between spend and gain as its hard to cast without gaining as much mp). Others don’t matter.

Legend affix:

3x blistering  for total of 298.2% blistering. The big focus after initial high dmg attack.

3× fire ed for total of 299.5%. 

1×  high voltage for 95.1%. Get them stunned enemies vulnerable  to 95.1% more dmg.

1× Ignore resist. I started this  build  at 2.2 but I didn't  know about the weaken buff. It's  up to you whether to keep it or use weaken. 

2× glasscannon. 91% dmg altogether. Could replace 1 with push the limit to make energy spending  easier but I will test further  to see if it's  really necessary. 

2× legend  move speed. Total of 30% and the 10% from dexterity for 40% solid move speed. Brilliant  for momentum!

1× 30% elemental crit

2× Smoke bomb. Total 48.6%. It casts everytime anyway. Makes mobs not see you sometimes, dodges attacks, and can blind them. Especially  helpful in maps with many bolts. I also wished the proc would  cast in whock because  my offhand is shock.

Crystal affixes:

1×  30% dodge. Survival  and good for pathfinder. Add to 10% dexterity and 10% default  for 50% dodge altogether. 

1× 30% crushing blow. Definitely  worth using to take a chunk of up and fire triggers this alot for faster take down, along with immolate and bleed.

1× 30% deadly strike. Double crit dmg always good. 

1× 225% crit dmg. That along with rage for max crit dmg.

1× 45% attack speed.  For Epiphany bonus.

1× 45% Crit chance.

Please note that shock worms are immune to high voltage so it will be less dmg. The normal worm mobs aren’t hard because of crushing blow. The epic- mythic mobs though that are worms can be a headache if immune to high voltage but they’re not immune to stack debuff and the bleed can still increase.

On most maps, it should be fairly simple.

Skyfall/tnt maps: That’s up to you and vanish with smoke bombs and high dodge will be good protection.

Packsize maps: Smoke bomb, Taunt, Vanish and Sanctuary are good protection. Should be fairly simple as long as the energy goes down easily.

Leech nerf maps: fairly simple to do but be more careful anyways. It’s actually a good buff to the build, though with some more challenge sometimes.


Here’s some calculations to make you understand the build easier. My own way of calculating with dps formula.

Gauntlet default base dmg is 6240-10400 at level 100 with no other things to change it and WIQ at 0%.

Bwd+ power.

When adding anything to bwd, it is divided in the ratio 37.5%:62.5% ratio but still increases dmg. Power is added I this way but it isn’t visible.

I have 11212.5 power added and split up.

11212.5×37.5%=4204.6875 (that’s added to lower part 6240)
11212.5×62.5%=7007.8125 (added to upper part 10400).

6240+4204.6875= 10,444.6875
10400+7007.8125= 17,407.8125

Now it’s 10,444.6875 - 17,407.8125.

Now 100% wd.

10,444.6875 × 2= 20,889.375

17,407.8125 ×2= 34,815.625

20,889.375- 34,815.625

I think 25% quality does work in increasing dps.

20,889.375 ×1.25 =26,111.71875
34,815.625 ×1.25 = 43,519.53125

26,111.71875 - 43,519.53125 (Total BWD after wd% and power).

I have 0 epic wd so skip that. The 5k wd would be split in 37.5%:62.5% ratio anyways.

Now let’s multiply this base dmg by ed%. 299.5% + 50% (inferno)+ 10% (from elements nature) + 30.15% ( from astral) = 389.65% fire ed%.

26,111.71875× 4.8965 (389.65%) = 127,856.03085937 (ed)

43,519.53125× 4.8965 = 213,093.38476562 (ed).

There is 0 epic ed so skip that. The 5k epic ed would be split in 37.5%:62.5% ratio too.

(Base ED) 127,856.03085937 - 213,093.38476562.

Total base dmg (Bwd+Base Ed) since they happen at the same time=

26,111.71875(wd) + 127,856.03085937 (ed) = 153,967.74960937 (Lower part).

43,519.53125 (wd)+ 213,093.38476562(ed) = 256,612.91601562 (upper part).

Total base dmg (Bwd+Base Ed)=
153,967.74960937 - 256,612.91601562.

This is the dmg I have before any sets, crit dmg and meteor happens.

Now for the action:

Let’s say I attacked and it used my highest possible base dmg as a result of wd and ed atm. Also lets say that all of the bonuses apply such as amplify, ruptured, etc.

Meteor: 256,612.91601562 × 7.5 (750%)= 1,924,596.8701171

Hero point 20 on meteor: 1,924,596.8701171 ×2 (100%) = 3,849,193.7402342

Momentum: 3,849,193.7402342 ×1.45 (45%) = 5,581,330.9233395

Glasscannon: 5,581,330.9233395 ×1.91 (91%) = 10,660,342.063578

Pathfinder: 10,660,342.063578 ×1.3125 (31.25%) = 13,991,698.958446

Defiant: 13,991,698.958446 ×1.25 (25%)= 17,489,623.698057

Amplify: 17,489,623.698057 ×1.4 = 24,485,473.177279

Ruptured: 24,485,473.177279 ×1.5 = 36,728,209.765918

Energy: 36,728,209.765918 ×2 = 73,456,419.531836

Epiphany Bonus: 73,456,419.531836 ×1.7 (70%)= 124,875,913.20412.

That’s all the meteor dmg.

Now for fire dot. This is the dmg in 0.5 seconds. Fire dot deals 80% of the attacks dmg thank to sorcery per 1 sec (0.5 sec with inferno).

Fire dot: 124,875,913.20412 × 0.8 = 99,900,730.563296

Immolate: 99,900,730.563296

Blistering triggers with bleed dmg after immolate.

99,900,730.563296 ×3.982 (298.2%) = 397,804,709.10304.

Vampiric touch: 397,804,709.10304 ×1.625 = 646,432,652.29244 bleed dmg altogether. Clearly bleed is dominant force.

Total dmg from meteor+fire dot+immolate+bleed: 124,875,913.20412 (meteor) +99,900,730.563296 (fire dot) + 99,900,730.563296 (immolate) + 646,432,652.29244 (bleed from blistering) = 971,110,026.62315 per 0.5 seconds. My intention was to deal 1B to 3B per 0.5 seconds or more, which I achieved.

If enemy has stack debuff of 100% ( thx to sorcery) and high voltage 95.1% for being stunned/paralysed.

Stack debuff: 971,110,026.62315 × 2 (100%) = 1,942,220,053.2463

High voltage: 1,942,220,053.2463 ×1.951 (95.1%) = 3,789,271,323.8835.

Crit dmg (if all meteor, fire dot, immolate and bleed crit):

3,789,271,323.8835 × 4.5 (350%) = 17,051,720,957.475 (crit). Bleed is the majority of all this dmg.

If ll the varibles line up (which they sometimes do), sometimes up to 17B total dmg per 0.5 seconds but generally, I deal up to 1-10B dmg per second from bleed and fire dots.

Deadly strike will help alot but I won’t say deadly strike on 17B dmg because not all the damages will deadly strike. Maybe a few parts of the dmg will deadly strike but it definitely helps.

Correct me if I’m wrong on some of them.

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i like the concept of this build definitely unique.

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Here’s the video footage. Sometimes, I witnessed myself even not in the video 10 B bleed dmg from normal and 17B dmg occasionally from crits. Not as goods as cronos but it is getting there. I may try push the limit to see if it makes difference spending energy faster. I didn’t use meteor proc because survival drastically reduced.

Also, you can use hirling for stack debuff (optional with any build) because it can buff my fire shock build, devilpillar, ice builds, arcanist builds, green garden ,etc etc.

However, high voltage from hiring will NOT multiply your main character dmg so yea.

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Here’s the legends I used for crafting the build:

MH: mashochists axe jaspered for wizard.
OH insolence
Chest: Aether wrap
Hat: Very obviously Apex of Epiphany.
Ring: Epiphany ring
Amulet: Entropic Jewel

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Love it!! Disco Inferno!!!

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i realy love fire. hope they buff bleed dmg on pve so inferno build (firebled) will get popular lol. since firebled much OP in pvp if target got no perseverance

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Your meteors hit stuff at least :joy:

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to long post but worth it nice build :grin:

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how do bleed works? how is it computed.
(planning to build bleed type soon, if i got the necessary resources)

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Normally bleed deals 100% of the attacks dmg. In my case, the meteors 124M dmg.

Bleed dmg 50%+ I think means 100% ×1.5 = 150% bleed dmg.
If I have 300%+ bleed dmg epic affix with 62.5% bleed dmg from vampiric touch: I think it would be 100% default bleed dmg × 4.625 = 462.5% bleed dmg. That means bleed will deal 462.5% of attacks dmg instead of 100% I think.

For blistering, I think if I have 600% blistering where bleed deals 600% of fire dot, with 62.5% bleed dmg, I think it means 600% ×1.625= 975% bleed dot. That I think means it deal 975% of fire dot. Would be awesome if I had eternal pet with bleed dmg.

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There is something missing on your build bro. :laughing:

You forget how to make bleeds so high that can deal BLEEDLLIONS per tic!!! :grin::grin::grin:

I will share my build soon…

Pure Shock/Bleed Warrior :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

(Just making all Ruby Affixes to Perfect Rolls before showing.)

Power is added after wd%. (Codex and what clogon say)
High voltage dont work on fire attacks. It only works on elem crit proc. I have tested that. Stunned units dont get high voltage either.

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You have a good suggestion there. :+1::+1::+1:
Bleed becomes deadly and deals bleedllions when…

its like cloud 9 when seeing 8 digits on screen. tahaha

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lol even with my frozen build my bleed still deal billions.(though can be much stronger w/inferno).

sometimes also dmg is base on how high floor ur entering.

edit: no offense to ur build @CuzegSpiked it was great build pretty easy to understand cuz of ur detailed info. also bleed/blisterring dmg can be much stronger in the hands of a wiz. i was always thinkin of makin pure fire bleed build using wiz. im just picking of what combi il go with it either discordance reactor/meteor dont know which is better to survive as wiz and also copy ur build using smokebomb proc for xtra survival kit

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Thx for feedback @marwinberna and @kevs926 . My intention of smoke bomb proc before I knew it proc as fire element was it to proc shock elements to paralyse. But I think blind and stun/paralysis doesn’t stack. Oh well, thanks for feedback anyways :slight_smile: .

Ok. Discordance meteor. If discordance works on procs (unsure if it does) . It works on the normal skill. You can use aftermath with discordance meteor btw :slight_smile: .

If you using gauntlet, 750% dmg turns into Blast 150% MH dmg.

Hero point: 150% ×2=300%

Then you use multi attack and extra attack and maybe push the limit.

4+ Multi attack formula is: 1+(4*0.5) = ×3.

300% ×3 = 900% dmg.

4+ extra attack formula: 1+(0.5+0.25+0.125+0.0625)= ×1.9375.

900% × 1.9375= 1,743.75% mh meteor dmg.

If I add push the limit 50% maybe.
1,743.75% × 1.5= 2,615.625 % dmg.

With crater dmg, it can be dealing 100% of 2,615.625% mh dmg in one second. That means you could deal 5,231.25% total mh dmg per second. Requires quite a bit of slots though. I think you can make a viable build out of it though. Its better than 3000% per second with meteor+ hero point on typical aftermath builds.

With projectiles like orb, they get more buffs like living force and cosmic power +timewarp, as well as being easier to use. The orb dmg can be pretty high so the reactor arc deals high dmg per 0.5 seconds. I think discordance or no discordance wizard reactor orb build would be really nice for a fire build.

Orb 200% dmg turns to Blast 150% MH gauntlet dmg if we using discordance .
Hero point for orb: 150%×2= 300% mh dmg.

4 Multi attack: 300% ×3= 900%.

4 Extra Attack: 900%×1.9375= 1,743.75%

Cosmic power and time warp.

1,743.75% ×1.5(timewarp)= 2,615.625% mh
2,615.625% ×1.625 =4,250.390625% mh.

Living force: 4,250.390625× 2 (100%)= 8,500.78125% orb mh dmg.

Push the limit: 8,500.78125% ×1.5= 12,751.171875% mh dmg.
The orb is pretty powerful but what really matters is the reactor set.

12,751.171875% ×0.625 = 7,969.482421875% mh dmg per 0.5 seconds. Still really powerful. Rogue can get more mh dmg but wizard is just overall better with orb and discordance on fire build.

Reactor deals high dmg per 0.5 seconds. Fire dot will deal 0.5 session thanks to inferno. Then bleed will also deal 0.5 seconds of high dmg with inferno. It is very good combo when you deal the many billions. Also the attack speed, cooldown low and the amount of orb arcs.

I was actually planning to have rogue discordance reactor build for fire shock using chakram but I haven’t finalized the initial planning stage yet. It can reach pretty high dmg but requires reduce cd. Now that arcanist+ ascendant is a thing though, I might just use that instead, maybe with blistering or bleed chance.

@CuzegSpiked tnx for the calculation and detailed xplanation. ya i was planin to use aftermath along w/ discordance meteor for taunt proc.

i already tried disco rogue arcanist+ascendant and pure ice frozen build. they pretty good though works well w/ mutilate and chakram has pretty high dmg of 300%mh primary(though u will have .5sec cd special if u use disco w/ 45%cd)

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Aftermath Combo is also good in Ice… I use Frozen Set Affix. Taunt and Fear Effect of Aftermath makes Frozen Affix too Deadly.

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Make your Set Element to Full Shock…

Shock can make Bleed DMG too high…

I will make simple calculation :

For example your Meteor Basic DMG is 100M

You spam it then Crit with Deadly Strike + Brutal + Elemental DMG% + Shock Stack (50% Increase DMG rcvd by the enemy.)

Your Meteor DMG becomes 1B - 5B DMG +

and you spam Elemental Crit also,

(Shock Elemental Crit makes your enemy received DMG increased by the % of yor High Volatge not like Fire and Poison that only increase the Blister and Cloud DMG)

Your DMG will be very high enough to rape small and weak MOBS.

and Bleed comes…

(Bleed is 100% of MH DMG and damages enemy every tick for 10Secs)

What do you think will be the bleed dmg? :grin::grin:

I saw my Warrior Full Shock/Bleed spams 8Digit Numbers in the screen like this:

748362.230B and many more more more.

But I dont have screenshot of it because of too very fast spam of numberss . :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face: