Charged Inferno (Patch 2.3) Wizard [Fire and shock guide] 🔥⚡[PvE]


I will have to look into this. Thanks for the heads up!



Build that deals super bleed… Floor 2109 M3.


I already knew that shock is really good with bleed. I was planning to have 500 % high voltage and 100% blistering because i thought stun count as high voltage and that would still create a fast bleed build but problem is the worms and that stun may not work for high voltage. The only reason is to get bleed from fire instead of bleed chance, it multiplies by high voltage and inferno speeds up bleed dmg.

I would need a way to get high voltage consistently with fire to attack on so it’s better for pure shock and bleed. Still, worms are immune to high voltage but bleed can be increased by stack debuff on worm.

I could have swore high voltage worked with any form of stun 3 sec cd though but it could just be me.

@marwinberna . Did you get such high power with arcanist help. If not, how!? I could not imagine such high dmg without arcanist. I knew I could deal high dmg but I never could imagine going that high (maybe high voltage and other major buff combined). I think you should invest that 299 up and change that to 299 power because that hp won’t be given with 100% glasscannon. I’m thinking there’s another reason why you would add 299 HP despite 100% glasscannon. Huge bleed dmg indeed! Way surpass any build.



Yes I use Arcanist + Ascendent. Just discovering that when my DMG is increased, Bleed DMG is also increased.

Putting 299 on HP because of Equivalence because HP and MP will be Balance. Using 100% Push the Limit increase 100% of Mana Requirments for skills. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

My skills are Scalp, Toss Throwsword.

I didnt change my Epic affix of Elem crit to Legend Affix thats why its only 15% chance to do Elem Crit. Also I only have 282% High Voltage because I want a Perfect 100% Roll of my Legend Affix thats why I waste many Rubies and thats only I got. :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face: My preferable High Voltage is 400%.


Share your full build papi :grin:



It will be “soon”. Just clearing the main problem of the build. Mana Consumption. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I dont like to lose mana always thats why that is my problem.

Im already thinking about the Desperation, Discordance but still I want something else to use rather than Mythics.


@CuzegSpiked Hi. How to upgrade my Set Affix from (1) to (5)? Newb Q.
Thanks in advance.


If you look at any build, including mine- the way to turn (1) to (5) is by having Elixir mythstone in Amulet and Ring, each having 2+ all sets. Cap is 4+ all sets which makes (1) = (5).


Thanks man!


Nice build :slight_smile: one thing:

Isn’t the Cap on Blistering 200%? That’s one wasted Affix.


Blistering has no cap. I do agree I had wasted affixes but now I know some ways to improve. Arcanist + ascendant is one way to improve tremendously and other things.

I could try this with my current reactor build (my Chakram Discordance reactor build was originally a backup build for fire shock that I was theorising would be better (if it’s so deadly with frozen, same case with any). I planned my Chakram build way before Arcanist +Ascendant too (I would have figured out how devilpillar works).


There is a 200% cap on Celestial, Blight, High Voltage, Blistering and Frostbiting afaik. If you go above, the value turn orange in your damage page…


Actually the cap is none. The orange just means that the blistering is good enough but it makes a lot of difference if you add more blistering or high voltage or any kind. You can add up to 1200% high voltage if your gear is all eternal or 600% if your gear is all legend and it can make all the world difference despite maybe taking too many slots. 200% or 300% frostbiting is enough but over that, it’s too many slots. The green garden can have many blights and back when green garden was dealing numbers filling up screen, each blight made the difference and even now with the recent builds, more frostbiting, more celestial, etc is better as long as it doesn’t take too many slot. 300% frostbiting is more than enough for my current build and it’s why I deal crazy dmg (apart from Arcanist and Ascendant helping). Any less and I notice a huge drop in dmg potentials.


One thing that can really make this build do great damage, even back in 2.3 that should have been obvious to me. Explosions! The explosive affix would spike up the damage in bleed, crit, deadly and stack debuffs and high voltage. Also nowadays, there are many ways to buff this build to be greater than it is.
Also Astral is nerfed. However it’s not that big of a deal.


Hey, love ur posts and builds man. Hella helpful. Legit joined forum Just to reach out to you. I played rogue forev but finding it meh, went to wiz and loving it. The skill i love in particular is skullshield… it reminds me of an auradin in d2 (LOD ofc :smile: ) that being said, i was curious if you had a solid idea for a build based around skullshield? Heres hoping youre still active! Pre thanks.


Awesome! Yeah I’m still around and will gladly help. Also do you want to join my discord?


Omg nice, i dont discord often as i work about 16 hours a day with wife and kid so im more of an online speratically for brief moments kinda guy lol super excited to see what u come up with as a skullshield build man


Fair enough. Wanna PM me for advice on your skullshield build. I got the knowledge and know how. Skullshield is OP in arena also!


Oh sry i dont have a build to show you. I was hoping you could show me a build you would do for skullshield hehe



Best way to utilise skullshield: skullshield hero points 20-40 , double strike (if you can) , Push the Limit to increase OH% like with the hero points , maybe even skilled mythic if it affects offhand primary skills . That’s for generally using skullshield. That high hit frequency and high OH% DMG is very potent and the hits for crushing blow especially.

A likely combo can be a aftermath wizard like the charged inferno to utilise stack Debuff and high voltage on fire enemies, a wandering wizard or summoner wizard and basically any wizard. Although another way to get skullshield without the actual offhand is by the Reclaim Talent. This is great for bypassing certain restrictions on making a build and if you cast a lot , the skullshield will come. Also the necrotic talent to increase OH by 50%.

Default is 300% OH per bolt in skullshield. With skullshield 20, it’s 600%. With skullshield 40 , it’s 900% OH.
Push the Limit increases by 50% OH (if it’s MH, it affects MH also) and necrotic talent also.

900%×1.5×1.5= 2025% OH per bolt. 3 bolts at once = 2025%×3= 6075% OH . But skullshield at 40 hits many times a second so it’s brutally devastating, especially for bosses. Its basically a nuke!

At skullshield 20, it’s 50% increased hit frequency . At 40, it’s 100% increased hit frequency or 2x the hits it normally can. That’s on top of increased DMG. Combined with double strike for another ×2 the hits (25% chance to do so is actually big when your skullshield rapidly attacks).

But if you had 100% Push the Limit , Necrotic 40 and hero points skullshield 40 : 900%×2×2= 3600% OH per bolt.

3600×3= 10800% OH combined. It can be done in less than 1 second and many times.

Even if you don’t directly focus on the enemy with the skullshield attacks, it can be very good for Frozen explosions, Poison build, crushing flames + explosive build , arcane + orbit build , fire+ bleed , shock+ bleed , etc.

Do definitely put over 100% weaken so you deal ×2 DMG as I confirmed that 100% weaken essentially is dealing ×2 DMG through rigorous testing. How? 90% weaken + 30% epic affix. Try with weaken and then try with ignore resist and see the DMG difference. For me , ignore resist was 6M DMG on test build and 12M DMG on test build with 100% weaken. It can make a major difference in the billions also.

In PvP , skullshield in its own is very good in any build + Battlemage. Damage reduction by high AR and some resists . Fauns gift for HP and resists. Satyrs spirit for increased AR% but lower HP means you need to likely use something like alchemy + permafrost Regen or druidic bonus potentially. It can even work in Discordance Orb wizard or aftermath wizard in PvP. Reclaim also useful in PvP as a talent.

PvP Oh DMG is 300% but 1x Push the Limit is 18% instead of 50%. Although you’d probably use 2 for good measure. Also assuming you added +3 Skullshield at least. Even at 300% per bolt it’s very good.
But I’m calculating what it would be for just 1 PTL (push the limit) and +3 Skullshield.

300%×1.18×1.15= 407.1% OH. 407.1%×3= 1221.3% OH combined and a few times a second.

There’s also reclaim talent and necrotic. With necrotic 4, it would be +10% increased OH . That’s 407.1%×1.10= 447.81% OH easily. Although with 2× 18% PTL , 7 Necrotic if you added +3 extra and +3 Skullshield, it would become 821.1% per bolt in PvP! On top of that, 30% damage Reduction!

821.1%×3= 2463.3% OH combined and few times a second.

Timewarp can also be an option for skullshield if it’s a projectile since that increases projectile DMG by 50% . Cosmic power (5) buffs this by 62.5% so it ends up being much more.

Push the Limit for almost every build. MH% or OH%.

One thing to be noted , APS won’t affect Skullshield. Would be ridiculously OP if it did. I did test it before so I know.