Charged Inferno (Patch 2.3) Wizard [Fire and shock guide] 🔥⚡[PvE]


Wow nice reply :slight_smile: … so i wana max things like the skill ,crit chance and dmg, Max push limit. Get ele %/dmg and wpn %/dmg? This may be alot to ask but ill test my luck on you lol. Is it possible to do a list of the affixes to get? Like:

Crystal: 30%dodge x2
Crit dmg
Crit chance
Legend: push the limit

And so on?


Sounds good. Although you don’t always need 2x 30% dodge but it works. I mean you get base 10% dodge and dexterity 20 gives you another 20% dodge. Then 30% dodge to get you to 50% dodge which is very close to 60%. Good with Pathfinder and in general.

You could replace that second dodge with 45% block on offhand, specifically skullshield. Maybe even crushing blow too or a Deadly strike or most important , 90% Weaken!

Stealth to synergise with 50% dodge for 100% dodge for a few seconds , smoke bomb to control dodge to easily dodge attacks that you can’t avoid (except falling meteors and bombs in ground or tnt props).Epiphany bonus for attack speed build (though you still gain 70% DMG increase even if 70% attack speed not used as you can tell) .

Sets is up to you but I would try : Adventurer+ Momentum , Demonic , Angelic if you have attack speed build (but skullshield has 1 second so it still gets 25% DMG increase but no APS Increase since skullshield isn’t APS) , Pathfinder+ 50% or more dodge, Epiphany to increase caps (if you want to) , Plagued for poison, Inferno+ crushing flames for fire with crushing blow and Immolate , Frozen for ice build, Arcanist if you equip Ascendant+ weaken of 90%+ , Electrocution for shock build or builds that combine an element with shock , Vampiric Touch for bleed build , elements for repeated casts (again more for attack speed builds) , Hunger to reduce CD and increase attack speed.

Skullshield isn’t affected by APS since it’s a living entity. If there was an affix that buffed specifically skullshield like there’s summon haste for minions, then it would.


Does wpn/ele dmg and % effect skullshield? Amd wheres double strike from? Legend or epic affix? Rollable or found/crafted only? Class specific? Maybe ill grab ur discord name and dl it. Lol. I HATE wasting stats or not utilizing the build or items best i can


Yes weapon and element % DMG effect skullshield. For WD% though, the skullshield must contain the 100% WD.

Double strike is a drop only, cannot be rolled by ruby. Also only found on rogue legends but you can Jasper for wizard or warrior usage.


Ahhh too many decisions now im back to square one lol my rouges ice spec so id like to build the skullshield build as ice also to combo off it.

Crystals:max crit dmg×2, 30% dodge, max crit chance, 90%weaken
Legends:200wd (on OH), 100% PTL, 300%frostbite?
Epics: skullshield 10×2, 5000 wpn dmg and ice dmg,

Uhhh lol man im all over the place now lol need the item layouts like a propper build haha

The way i wana play is like auradin in diablo2. Walk around and nuke things. Not a cast focus build or anything. So i guess things like wpn dmg and ice dmg. Crit, deadly, crushing.


Sounds very good what you just put there. Then take my tip of using Hero points skullshield as high as possible and push the limit with a potential necrotic talent and your good to go.

Ofc also having over 100% weaken such as 90%+ 30% epic affix , 300% Frostbiting or more like you put , 200% WD on OH (if you can but totally optional and it’s possible by Jasper Hunger Trap) .

No need5000 ice DMG. 5000 WD is ok though. Although actually maybe 1 or 2 ice DMG might help because OH tend to have low base DMG so the only time ED truly helps is on low base DMG weapon imo.

Your crystal affix choices are good too. Crit DMG ×2 works or using rage set (5) with 45% crit chance and 1x 225% crit DMG. Deadly strike and weaken also great choice.

Dodge is good too but do add crushing blow . That’s 6 crystal affixes right off the bat!

So far your affix choices are very good.

If you do use deadly strike , do try using Brutal Mythic . It’s very OP with Frozen explosions. Frozen Set + 300% Frostbiting or more is OP also , combined with 100%+ weaken , deadly strike , crit DMG , Demonic , etc.

I’d say trust your instincts until you finish your build. I find your choices are very good.


Ok, when im home tonight im going to try and throw together a build and post to see your opinion! :smile:


This is where im at so far. Not sure if multi atk procs for skullshield but it definatly adds alot of dmg on the stat page.
50% push the limit
100%+ weaken
100% glasscannon
25%double strike
200% frostbite
Thoughts overall?


I can get this with a dif wep but i lose double strike. Not sure which is more valuable. Everything just gets nuked in 0.01 seconds regardless so its hard to test lol


Well you got a good choice. Double strike helps but it’s completely optional. All those affixes you chose are good.

Oh and btw, Multi Attack will not affect Skullshield or any offhand. Same with Extra Attack. Why? They only work on MH primary skills and with Discordance mythic, special skills .


Wow I have a Degree in Forensic Science and I’m thinking you do a lot of calculations pal lol :open_mouth:


Good job . I’m going to print it off and study it. Many thanks


Skilled mythic effects skullshield correct?


Probably. It doesn’t just say MH% primary skill. It says primary skills. Have a test and see if it increases your DMG in any way from real time numbers and stat page.


Hard to get numbers out of playing cuz they die so freaking fast and so many things attacking amd critting amd deadly/crushing lol. Need higher maps to see more i guess


XD. You for all DMG or crit only enabled in settings yes? Also congrats on killing them so fast. I told you it was gonna be OP when you put the desired stuff to buff skullshield like the hero points, Push the Limit , Skilled, necrotic and more.


I have show crits only but its hard to see whats doing dmg and from what lol ill try to figure out to use double strike wep or the other one with more sheet dmg. Have alot of testing to do now. Im happy with the dodge crit crushing frostbite and deadly stats now. I think im at the most i can get for skullshield dmg


I have my settings on show crit only, and with max crit% and max other stuff, I am getting a lot of numbers. like when I had all numbers with a low level toon.


Ok i unhired and show all dmg. This weps better

Theyre getting destroyyyyed so fastttt lol!


650mils and 1.3bils.