Cracking the highest damage in the game

What is the highest damage you can achieve?


Why did you blackout your hp and mp?:thinking:

For the others not to crack the build so easily

Is 1 billion damage even possibel in this game? I feel like getting quarter of a billion is already impossible to achieve let alone getting billion damage. Dealing billions of damage to monsters is possible with a certain build but achieving billion damage stat is impossible but I might be wrong. Well congratulations on getting billions I could only achieve below 1 million

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Its possible bro. As you can see hehe

Cap :billed_cap: I call hacks

That is not a hack haha

I know every corner of this game I’ve been playing this game since 2015 I’m the former Top 1 global for 1 year before.

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using Gauntlet (wizard), Hammer (warrior), or Chakram (rogue) and then putting the Skill that you can get the highest damage with on it, then focus the rest of the build on damage only, anyone could get the billion+ damage on the Stat Page.

besides, not all damage is considered on the stat page. that crit damage would give about 65 billion on a Crit., about 130 billion with Deadly Strike.

I think he’s talking about my Dmg min and Dmg max haha

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:eyes: :boom:

wow didn’t notice that!

I wonder if any of the other billion damage builds players have shared have billion damage min/max on the Stat Respec corner… also, I think that’s why you blacked out the HP & MP… to focus attention on the Min/Max billion damage.

yet another Goal added to my Goals list…

No Golem, I black it out for the because I don’t want others to crack the build or to crack that damage easily. if I show my Hp and Mp it will be a hint for the others resulting to crack that damage.

Because I challenge anyone to achieve this damage so I need to black out the Hp and Mp for them not to crack it easily.

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you’re so devious, but it’s good for the rest of us to stretch our minds to figure things out…

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Thanks, if you want I will show you my full stats without blacking out the hp and mp hehe and try to crack that damage.

it’s ok, I need to make my imagination get a work out before it gets fat…

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Me as a noob that only deal 1m damages belike: wait what in the Dungeon is tht even possible


that’s how it works…

when I got my first 100k damage
1 million damage
100 million damage
1 billion damage, got really excited!
10 billion damage
100 billion damage, got really, really excited!!
400+ billion damage
working on joining the Trillion Damage Club. I might faint! :dizzy_face:

Any tips for me? I only deal a small amount of damages

the trick is to learn all the different ways to boost damage. not all damage boosts will show up on the Stat Page.

also, some Set Bonus affixes increase damage. not only that, there are ways to get damage in battle way higher than can be shown on the Stat Page.

if you can, show us your Equipment so we can see what you’ve done so far.