Griffin's Smithery: Mythics

##Griffin’s Smithery: Mythics##

Hello and welcome too this Griffin’s Smithery post on Mythics :grin: as always the Griffins Smithery topics are currently a WIP and will be fleshed out much further with time on this one I have a couple quick comments here and there right now but there will be much more eventually

Main hand Mythics:
All chances too proc on these affixes is 30% and damage dealt by these is Main hand damage%


uses the twister animation except it stays on the player character and functions like the whirlwind skill pulls all enemy’s in too you dealling 300% Damage per hit (bugged on current patch does not pull enemy’s in)


Hero, Boon, Haste, Flight


Bombard casts many mini meteors that do not have the lasting damage circle on impact that each deal 250% damage per hit This is an extremely effective ability at causing chaos in PvE


Mentor, Endow, Death, Master


Fires an orb that uses the cosmic orb animation and rapidly fires off small bolts that deal 100% main had damage this skill is extremely effective in PvP


Gift, Wisdom, Clarity, Return


Fires a series of 3 rocks that deal 300% damage each and have knockback


Boon, Death, Abyss, Zenith


Causes an AOE centered around the player character that deals 300% damage per hit good for close up PvP builds


Endow, Death, Rebirth, Time


Casts an arcing spell that deals 350% damage and auto targets enemy’s so you will need too be within range of enemy’s for it too cast this will chain up too 5 times and is Good for control in PvP


Hero, Abyss, Flight, Return


Summons 3 fury’s in an aoe infront of the player character that loots like a very small version on bombard and deals 300% damage good too combo with the summoner mythic


Hero, Protest, Endow, Quest

Off hand Mythics:
All damage dealt by these skills is Off hand%


Has a 10% chance too cast stealth and cause a blinding AOE that deals 100% damage this is the same stealth as the rogue one and will be affected by heroic skills


Protest, Clarity, Death, Flight


has a 30% chance too casts an AOE around the player character that has a 100% elemental critical chance and deals 250% damage


Gift, Haste, Abyss, Return


Has a 30% chance too cast a teleport that does an AOE at both the start and end of locations of the teleport that deal 250% damage


Haste, Quest, Fortune, Elixer

Chest Mythics:


An enemy who has been pierced by an attack takes an additional 50% damage from all sources piercing attacks will say they pierce in their descriptions or an attack can pierce through the use of a Mythstone called Zenith


Gift, Clarity, Abyss, Zenith


Any enemy with the bleed DOT effect on it will take an additional 50% damage from all sources


Hero, Boon, Flight, Time


All Main hand primary skills deal an additional 50% damage this is a good mythic for experimenting with crafting with and for use early on because it is extremely cheap


Boon, Gift, Clarity, Haste


When an enemy has full health you gain a 100% chance of dealing a critical hit too that enemy


Boon, Haste, Death, Quest


need too test this one too be 100% accurate I shall return with more data


Hero, Boon, Endow, Return


Deadly strikes will deal triple normal bonus critical hit damage instead of double


Wisdom, Haste, Death, Master

Helm Mythics:


Any HP or MP you gain will give you 25% of the amount you gained in the other so if you heal 100 HP you will gain 25 MP and vice versa


Protest, Boon, Endow, Flight


Doubles HP regeneration when you have not actively used a skill 2 or more seconds


Hero, Mentor, Flight, Fortune


When attempting too use a skill you do not have enough of whatever resource you are currently using gain resources equal too you mp regen


Boon, Haste, Rebirth, Time


When you get a critical hit gain 1% of your max MP


Clarity, Death, Flight, Time


While your moving your MP regen has a 1.25 multiplier applied too it


Mentor, Clarity, Flight, Return


The 10% minion heal from using the skill Command and the 50% minion move speed bonus from the skill summon will also affect you


Hero, Boon, Endow, Master

Ring Mythics:


MP and HP orbs will now explode for in an aoe for 100% damage when picked up instead of healing you HP or MP this mythic is very good early on and for experimenting with crafting as it is exceedingly cheap


Mentor, Gift, Wisdom, Clarity


All your resists are now equal too the highest of your resists this is not too be confused with your all resists stat that is factored into all of your other resists but this will not raise your all resists stat


Protest, Wisdom, Endow, Abyss


When you activate a shrine this includes the HP and MP pool an additional 1-3 epic tier enemy’s will spawn this however will not stack with the hunter perk from ascending your characters if you are new too the game you will want too obtain this ring rapidly as the hunter ascension perk is one of the worst ones you may pick when ascending normally


Rebirth, Flight, Quest, Fortune


Reduces the damage you take by 1% for every enemy within 10 yards of you this is the only way you can actually reach 100% damage reduction this would of course require you too get 100 enemy’s on screen however so yknow watch out for device preformance


Boon, Clarity, Haste, Death


Changes the element your attacks are too the one that normally would be effective against that enemy this is not neccesarily the element that is most effective against that enemy the ring will not account for extra resists


Protest, Endow, Rebith, Return


Instead of adding MP using an MP potions now increses your attack and move speed by 50% for 3 seconds


Gift, Death, Rebirth, Master

Necklace: Mythics:



Hero, Protest, Abyss, Return


Picking up gold gives you the same amount of XP as it does gold this mythic is 99.7984% useless seriously do not craft ut unless you are trying too complete the mythics tab in your codex


Flight, quest, Fortune, Zenith


I will be doing more testing soon still a WIP till then


Clarity, Haste, Flight, Time


Mythical skill will deal an additional 25% damage this is all main hand and offhand mythical skills


Death, Abyss, Flight, Elixer


When you cause an elemental critical it will deal an additional 50% damage this is super useful for things like poison in PvE and fire+bleed and PvP


Wisdom, Abyss, Return, Time


When you hit 0 HP you will automatically recover 25% of it and you will not die this effect recharges every 30 seconds


Mentor, Wisdom, Endow, Return

Resource systems:


Changes your resource system too your HP, adds your MP pool too your HP and changes all MP based effects too HP ones this does not however include mythic effects that involve MP so things like harmony will not work with this also doubles all resource costs. your damage is increased by the amount of HP you are missing divided by 1.25


Hero, Gift, Clarity, Abyss


Equivalence averages HP and MP too the same value and gives you 50% damage and resource cost reduction based on how equal you current HP and MP are. This mean that losing HP will increase the amount of damage you take. this is particularly useful in PvP because it effectively doubles the values of your Regeneration and HP/MP on hit effects if you can keep those stats close too the same
The formula for the bonus from Equivalence is as follows: [Current bonus to damage and resource reduction from equivalence = lowest HP or MP / highest HP or MP * .5 * 100%].


Mentor, Protest, Death, Fortune


Converts your resource system too Fury your total energy is 100. damage is buffed by the current percent of Fury you have you gain 10 fury with primary attacks and use 50 with secondary fury naturally decays at a rate of 5% fury per second this makes pistols an exceptional weapon too use fury with


Protest, Gift, Abyss, Return


Converts your resource system too energy your total energy is 100 and energy regeneration per second is 30. your damage is buffed by the current percent of energy you have. Primary skills cost 10 energy and secondary skills cost 30. Mp steal effects energy and has a rather powerful effect however HP steal and harmony have a much lesser one


Hero, Wisdom, Clarity, Abyss


The cooldowns and mana costs of your primary and secondary skill on your main hand are switched around there is however a hidden internal cooldown placed on your secondary skill however so no you may not cast meteor 8 times a second I may or may not come back with a number for that cooldown


Mentor, Boon, Death, Fortune


this one is really long and I’m a little iffy on it being 100% accurate so I’ll get back too yall after some in depth testing with some numbers


Protest, Wisdom, Abyss, Return

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How do empyrean works? I use ice element. Does it increase the damage on frozen enemies just like frostbitting?

It would increase the damage of the hit that froze the enemy itself :smile:

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The Alchemy Balance the Damage and regen between HP and MP this is good combination with Equivalence
Example: you have 10k HP and 40k MP if you Steal MP your HP will be healed and vice versa
and also if you have 1 HP and you have 1 million MP if you recieve dmg your MP will recieve the damage

Alchemy and equivalence are resource systems and resource systems do not work together :smile:

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Oh sorry for that

It’s totally good I thought the exact same thing for a long time too till I found out :smile:

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So it will just work on 1 hit? If ice is the case?

It will buff the instance of damage that caused the freeze to occur

I understand now. So i think its not a good mythic for ice element. Poison maybe suits it the best :frowning:

Yup in PvE it would definitely be poisen that works with it best :smile:

Thanks so much griffin :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Always glad too help out :smile: :+1:


Hi… im a newbie here… would like to ask if how can i combine the mythstones to form mythics? Do i need items that have 4 sockets to put all the the combined mythstones? Thanks and advance…

Yes you need an item with 4 sockets you get either by drop or using a crystal (zircon i think)

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Griffin . This for weapon only ? Or for all wizard equipment

All of the mythics in this post are broken into groups of what pieces of gear you may slot them into :smile:

If im not mistaken chest is for the robe right ?