Cronos, Saintwave and Emman, Champions of the arena! Eternal League Leaderboard

Wow is this just a coincidence or what!? All the people ive met on leaderboards. I wanted to post this because I dont think it will last long. I remember clogon up there as well which was a while ago. Who else was up there that was in the forums?

Thanks for the virus OP, posting from my gameboy.

Must be nice…all you guys to be in that league while i cant participate

true, it wont last long. lol… i just visit arena to swap Defense toon, Aphrodite Out, Incomplete Frustating In, just wanna see how much Away chest i got tho…

Yes I finally got the picture! When i first posted it, I got the wrong picture :@

Im so close to eternal league but way too far.

maybe now the time for u to recreate your pvp set. Maybe that the highest your Aftermath build can bring u. keep try. rebuild-farming-build-farming-Build (endless) until u got really good build to use in PvP.

Well expect my rank to get a lot lower, just experienced like 20+ failed to get match id and connection errors. And apparently I’m back to magic league now. lol. Im guessing they’re updating something in the arena. Or maybe it’s just me.


Btw i just making another build. can u try play and if u encounter with “Frustating” try shot it. whatever the result is, can u screenshot the detail.?

Well I got 2 screenshots. Hopefully my rank doesn’t go down too much, still in the Magic League, oddly 2v2 is working fine.


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2 shot.? ohh okay thanks. maybe need stealth lol.

Nah just one. The initial damage would get like 30% of your Hp only. It’s the bleed that kills you, like 2-3 ticks of bleed.


still it not as i expected lol. just realize how beast LOHKO build is. lol Lohko exist only to kill lol

Yeah it’s so OP, though I tweaked mine to have a really high bleed damage, simply because Refia’s Rattletrap keeps on surviving the initial hit. lol.


Lol, maybe ur Base guidedshot are dealing low damage. that why u need to relying on DoT. I kill refia toon with single shot, i think it shay or dieter war that need wait for dot to kill. As i remember refia war not use sentuary mythic.

Yeah I have trouble on Shay back then, haven’t seen him in arena for a while now, but right now Im more confused cause Im in Common League now. lol. Can someone check my current rank and rating? lol.


League eternal
rating rank 2.
Dont worry lol. just visual problem.

Lol, hopefully, Im pretty sure Im gonna get like 5 leaver messages tomorrow though lol. Oh well, Im gonna sleep now, Goodnight everyone. Thanks.


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What’s your eternal rating?

2800-2900 something around that. (not really playing lol) i just testing n trolling around with frustating build.

I mean rank lol