Crystal Crafting Restrictions


I think your list is updated. thanks for the help. Just got busy with RL >.>


I’m glad to help you


I think I need a mod to do it >.>
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You can get Scoundrel set via Amethyst on Wizard class.


Thank you, @KissMyAxe. I couldn’t find it)


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I could get aetheral drain on warrior class without changing class of the item. This happen when i apply amethyst on a warrior ring to try and get some set affix zi wanted.

Edit: I realised that it is legit to get A.drain on amethyst for all classes.

Can i make the # of the green affix thingy?

I had choose cerebral vortex via amethyst in version 2.1 just this march 2016


Yes?! That is good news! I’ve not seen it yet, anyone else can confirm that?


Really??? i already tried so many times, maybe spent over 10 amethyst, and still can’t get cerebral vortex, or i’m just unlucky. oh, and about faun’s gift, i think it is not restricted to any classes, already tried it and i can get that set in any classes


Same here. Not sure if it’s possible…


@Emman I know Extra Attack Chance can get on other parts of set because i get it yesterday using Sapphire


OK I read through the whole table and my question was not answered. This is my question: If i used a Jasper (the one to change the items class) does that mean I could wear Rouge items as a Wizard?


@MaryVince no, it only means that if you’re a wizard and found a good rogue item, you can jasper it to wizard so you can equip it.


Thanks for the info. A little bit bummed cause that means I can’t be a Rouge wizard :cry:


You kindof can, if you equip somethin with the Scoundrel set. That will make your mainhand attacks become Quick Attack and BlinkStrike, with a chance to proc Sentry and Stealth.


I was only trying to look like a Rouge, cause i like the Mask thing.


Can some one please please please i’m begging you update this post with the latest patch please

or is this the most latest now? Crystal Crafting Restrictions

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