Crystal Crafting Restrictions


I wish I was lying when I said I just burned through 19 obsidians (makes it 34 total meow :() trying for attack speed on an epiphany helm and then came here hoping to see I need not keep trying because it is impossible :confused:
To leave on a good note though I did finally get another eternal pet (back up your save files people!) :slight_smile:
Back to the grind I go…


How did you find 34 epiphany helms!?


I’ve only found one eternal and two regular ones, I may or may not rage quit when I see an obsidian affix I’m after is unavailable in the list, letting the game eat said obsidian without bricking the craft.


Just so you know, recently @SteigerBox explicitly described crashing the game in this manner as an exploit.


Right on I hadn’t known, still have yet to touch or attempt the pvp side so no worries on any effect I’ve had on others past rankings I suppose.


I have a chakram with Defiant on it and can’t figure out where / how I got it lol


From drop it you used Jasper to convert from another class and you’ve got what you have. For example I have a horn with defiant.


I was looking in the wrong place in the LegendEx, it was Ragnarok chakram :joy:


Did someone succed in getting Crystal Resource Cost reduction affix on Cerebral Vortex off hand (the one with cerebral vortex bonus affix)? I don’t want to waste more obsidians and the item itself don’t drop very common.


Is it possible to roll elemental critical chance with ruby?


@Dust Yes


Ok thx


Is defiant and ED% still unrollable? Cause for some reason I have a Gauntlet that has both and, according to my Legend I haven’t found the items that would give me those


Still unrollable.


@Emman I just noticed also that Aethreal Drain can also be rolled by Rogue. Seems it’s not exclusive to any character type anymore.
Also this thread should be pinned xD


I’ve been grinding for 2 hours and i still cant get an item that has a Mayhem,Eternalized set …Need help…

A Guide to Building

Look at the Codex. Read what floor you can farm those items and the level difficulty requirement. Increase your luck and equip a Nadroji Set affix because I do think those kind of items belong to the Ultra Rare Legendaries.


Looked at codex and didnt find anything that states where i can obtain it and i dont have anything with Nadroji…all i saw in Codex are their effect


Look at the legends section.


Hi all, which one is better to farming crystal, lvl 100-200 org 500+?