Dagger build rogue! Wanted!

Hello! Anyone can help me with dagger build? Im new in this game( Now my dmg with dagger very low… and i dont know how raise higher( Thanks!
CosmicOrb its good choice?


You can increase your weapons damage using topazes to start with. Go for weapon damage, element damage, critical chance and critical damage, deadly strike… There’s lots of ways :sunglasses: cosmiorb is good but I don’t know how it would work on a dagger. Test it.

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with much respect to dickwad, i disagree with using topazes for epic affixes. i would rather use the cheaper angelites to get epic affixes. if u get yellow affixes then just use kyanite to remove and use angelite again till u get an epic. it’s much cheaper that way


Actually it’s a better idea and far cheaper @thedude52 :sunglasses: Thank you .

since you just started, putting +5000 WD on your Dagger will help a lot. +5000 ED (Ice, Fire, Poison, Shock, Arcane) will also help boost Damage. lower level items will have lower WD & ED damage, 5000 is for items around level 80+. Items with the ED (Elemental Damage) need to be the same Element as your Weapons, or they don’t get the extra damage. the WD (Weapon Damage) only affects the damage of the Weapon it is on.

+5000 WD on each Weapon and +5000 ED on all 6 Items, each Weapon will do +35,000 damage.

if you are using Quick Attack Skill of Dagger, getting Attack Speed will let you attack more often. +60% Attack Speed is as high as you can go in the early game.

putting Stat Points into Power increases your Damage and for Rogues, increases your Dodge a little bit.

on the Hero Tab, when you get Skill Points from gaining Hero Levels, you can increase the Damage of Quick Attack by 5% for each Skill Point, and also get some other bonuses that improve the more Skill Points you put into Quick Attack.

oh, haha, @ZenX might not be a New Player anymore! his Rogue is probably looting Dungeons and leaving before the monsters realize they are poor again! :confused: