Dagger + discordance + multiattack & eac 3.0

do i need multi attack and eac if im using dagger with discordance

If u want to inc ur mh special skill then add multi atk and xtra atk

but with discordance if i use blinkstrike the damage will be as if i used the quick attack skill right?

If you use discordance, your primary skill such as dagger will NOT be affected by MA and EAC (multi attack, extra attack).

Discordance switches the MH% values of primary skill , cd , mana cost and adding multi attack with extra attack to secondary skill. As a result, Primary skills won’t be affected by Multi Attack and Extra Attack from discordance. However in the case of discordance blinkstrikes where the dagger is the primary skills the special skill will be as fast as primary skill but it will only have 100% MH default.

That 100% MH can be multiplied by Multi Attack , Extra Attack , Hero Points and Push the Limit so discordance blinkstrikes can be more powerful for increased speed of casting.

Also dagger will take the MH% of the special skill as well as the cooldown and mana cost which happens to be 600% MH but it will have cooldown of Blinkstrike.

Even though the dagger won’t be affected by Multi and Extra Attack anymore due to discordance, it will still be affected by Hero Points into Dagger as well as Skilled Mythic and Push the Limit. The dagger will have the blinkstrikes 600% MH which can increase easily to 1200% by Hero Points alone and even more so due to Push the Limit and Skilled.

So yes if you use discordance, Blinkstrike will take on dagger MH% or other primary skill you use .

Multi Attack and Extra Attack can now work on special instead of Primary skills when discordance is equipped so even if Blinkstrike has low MH% now, it can increase super easily and at the cooldown of primary skills.

Primary skill will act like special skill but you can increase the power of it by Skilled Mythic, Push the Limit and Hero Points since Multi Attack and Extra Attack no longer affects them when using discordance.


@dqmeg everything has been already xplained by cuzeg. If u want to inc ur blinkstrike dmg just add multi atk and xtra atk.

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Sounds good however after blinking what would be next? Blinkstriking has its fallout either pve or pvp …
You should try to assemble your follow up damage

i think bomb or stealth is the best way to prevent being hit after blinkstriking

With discordance, blinkstrike would be spammable. No need to worry about what to do after. :slight_smile:

if this skill gives me +2 multi attack does this mean i only need +2 MA on my items? btw, i end up ditching discordance :joy:


2+ Multiple attacks =/= MA .That means you can still add 4 MA which is the cap and do great damage as well as 4 EAC (extra attack chance) . Discordance is still great with that Blinkstrike then.


thanks for responding, i have another question regarding that lvl 40 blinkstrike… it already has 40% crit chance so im guessing not putting crit chance on my items would be ok right?

and about discordance, if im using dagger then should i upgrade quickattack rather than blinkstrike?

You still upgrade Blinkstrike even if Blinkstrike take on the MH% of dagger and use MA and EAC. That’s why discordance is so good. Any hero points I primary skill won’t affect the special skill otherwise that would be OP. Discordance is already quite OP.