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Nope, weaken just affects the attacker’s attacks


Sry… . dont know why it was double posted… In different areas here. Unless i did something an didnt know it…

any news what happening about DQ update??

We’re working on a balance/bug patch, with a few new things thrown in :smile:

More details once the new stuff is finished.

umm can someone pls help me? i just updated my iphone, but i did a back up, but when i was on backup restore, all my data on my dungeon quest was all gone and started from scratch… pls help me how to get my data back ;<

Wrong thread. You also have sticky topic everywhere:

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is it possible to know what 3d app was used to create and design your characters for the game(DQ)? xD

Sure, 3ds max :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick response!

As of now I am finishing my course in IT and dreamed of becoming a game developer myself…

I know basic c++ coding and has a talent for sketches(as seen on the art thread).

with the app, ill start my stepping stone in designing 3d stuffs, big thanks again!

I noticed how similar the Wizards appearance and attack paterns of some enemies like carto, enslaver and the HornedSkull.

Did all of them have the same Base design but different pallete arts?


They were all modeled/textured by our artist JLederer, who based his work off some concepts/art from an older game we never released.

The Wizard and a few of the enemies are pretty similar in look, but I think still unique models (perhaps not huge differences between).

For the Warrior and Rogue, he definitely started from scratch for each.

Lots of luck on your game dev journey :slight_smile: feel free to ask anything.


Can u tell or hint about new sets and affix even Buff to Poison cloud
and fix to the zombie mobs ???

can photoshop work too for some design at DQ?

Will there be any possible option to make talent/skill affix on pet changed from X class to another X class in future? Maybe something like allowing jasper stone usage on pet to change those class related affix.

Q1. Are u Thinking of Remodeling the models of the 3 classes?
for me the mage Model is a little bit old now dont u think?
if so how do u want it to be like ?
Q2. Are u thinking of adding one last playable Character ? to balance the roster?
2 range and 2 melee?
Q3. Did u Foresee your Game to be this popular?

Q4. Are u Planning to open like the Community Made items or suggestions again ???

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U can but i dont know what software that DQ uses to order to renders its models
but u can

I know a little at 3d arts and im good at picture editing tho haha

I dont know if this Forums is dead because only admins reply now
the dev are not responding to my question if the dev give u what software they use to render there models try to post it in the forums because why not :stuck_out_tongue: sorry for my grammar…

they well reply as soon as they see your email :smile:

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Hmm, could be possible.

Nothing to announce at this time :slight_smile:

Nope :slight_smile: I also didn’t predict we’d be working on it for over 3 years, the first version was done in a few months.

Not at this time, however we’re still open to community feedback on what you’d guys like to see!


Q1. What do u Think Of Community Voted Vanities
Q2. Do u think the DQ need more Floor in vanilla? 200 to ?
and Add A Story line to it?
Q3. Where did u Get the Ideas to make DQ ?, and where did the inspiration came from to make or create the character roster in the game ?

Feedback #1. I hope to see more skill added to the game even new weapon I recommend watching FMA - Brotherhood. To get ideas
example alchemy System ? adding new skill or even better or the equivalent exchange system u can trade items order to get a item or even a specific item

Sorry for asking soo much :smiley: i hope i didn’t bother you or annoy u in anyway

(P.s I was the first players who played the game when it was only the mage and there was the enchant system :smiley: that was the good old days)

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