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The list of projectiles are:
Bolt ( Barrage, Comet, Pierce )
Rock Blast
Thrown Weapon

Will have to check the Exposed and the Talents to make sure they are all working 100% as intended, but they are all supposed to.

Only from Drops

It’s not exact, since each amount threshold is a different chance. 1 dropping vs 2 dropping vs 3 dropping, 3 dropping will be more rare, but possible. Basically I worked with these percentages and loot simulation to ensure that each change in item drop % resulted in roughly the expected increased item drops.

The gold drops are a bit similar, they will drop different pile types that are worth various values based on their size. The number given to these piles are then multiplied by Gold Find %.

This is pretty complicated, but don’t want to expose too much either :smile:

I don’t want anyone yelling at me who did the math and are expecting X number of legends to drop in a period of time :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s say the chance for any given Legend item be dropped as Eternal is 1 in 100. Increasing this chance by 100% would result in 2 in 100 chance.

Hey I need a quick study about twister!

haha. sucks that i can’t get to know the numbers, but i understand. wouldn’t want some of the players doing RNG abuse too ala Golden Sun/Fire Emblem from the good ol’ GBA days hehe. thanks for taking the time and answering my questions. appreciate it.

on another note, how does the mythic “effective” work? its description says that any element will always be effective so does that mean that if say i use fire on skeletons my attacks would still be effective? does the same also work with “greatly resists” monsters? how about for immune ones? does this also work with ascendent affix? checked with the search function and it seems that this mythic is bugged but threads talking about it pretty old so i’m wondering what it does now, if ever the effective affix is fixed.


Hi Steiger,
Which spells that are affected by Legend Affix AoE range ?

All spells ? Including Taunt, Fear ?


What’s my MMR. :wink:

I have had like 120 successful 1v1 defenses, 30 2v2 defenses, and about 10 total successful attacks.


I think your MMR should be your rating in eternal league I forgot if mythic have it.


Basically, when the enemy takes damage, the ID of the element changes to the one it’s weakest to just for the resistance calculation step. That means if you’re hitting a skeleton with fire, it will be effective damage. However, if it “Greatly Resists Ice”, then your damage will be lowered from that effect.

I don’t have a list handy, but I can say that most explosion effects will have it’s range increased from this. I’ll make a note to check this again and come back with a list eventually of all the spells that should support this.

Once you reach Mythic League and pass 1000 points, you’ll at least be able to see what your overall standing is :smile:


Heya Steiger. :smile:

In reference to this.

I was confuse by this. Not sure if you exceed your cap of luck when you average or if you exceed it then will it count only as 650 and not 950 because of the cap of 650.


The order goes:

  1. Player/Hireling luck is averaged
  2. Luck cal is applied at 650
  3. Map Luck Boost is applied ( if it exists )

Mechanics behind total effective luck, gold, and item drop %

Heya Steiger, follow-up Q on that… Does the order apply to item quantity and gold find too?


Thanks Steiger for clearing it up. :smile:



Also note that this all might change next patch, but I’ll do my best to detail in the patch notes :smile:


anyway steiger, will u fix twister for next patch.? i want it move straight lol



(jk sure)


thanks. and finally my favorite special skill~


Will you guys have a auto save to cloud feature? Lost my first char before I started buying slots. So I woilild love to have this feature added. Also would help pple from cheating when making there gears…


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Most likely not. It won’t help for cheaters unless we require it, and we won’t require it since we want DQ to remain available for people who only want to play offline.


I just read the wiki and it said “Harmony-primary skills recover mana, special skills cost 50% more mana”. Are we talking about the same mythic, the one for the head? I’m asking because I’d like to know how the primary/special skills are classified. I’m using a boomerang cyclone Chakram with a cataclysm ring chaser. When I use boomerang I get lots of cyclone and procing, are they affected by Harmony? If so, are they considered primary or special?

I’m using BM so I’m not looking for a resource mythic affix, are any of the other head mythics worthwhile?

P.S. Both definitions are in the wiki in different places so I’m not sure which is most current. If it’s the hp/mp harmony I’m assuming using it with BM would be a total waste of time.


Continuing the discussion from Need help. Have few questions to you guys:


so i had a question which was kindly addressed in the preceding thread linked above. the following quotes are my question and the response respectively:

now my question is, why is this the case? i would really like to know how come skills that are not within a class’s list do not take on the stats of the skills they replace. would it become OP if it were so? how are the skills’ damages then calculated if they do not adopt the stats? also, do the devs have any plans of changing this in upcoming updates (like say, in 2.1)? if the devs are at liberty to answer such a query, it would be much appreciated.


I made a topic under gameplay. But I think it’s better for me to post my questions here.

Regarding summons, I have a few questions regarding stat computations for summons.

  1. How are their dmg stats computed? I understand that spirits are 150% OH, furies and commander are 100% OH. With the DPS formula, how does the summon dmg affix, heroic skill levels, prowess and boost talent, and summoner set affect that formula? Do they modify the base damage of the summons or do they multiply the final computed damage? I didn’t notice any stat changes on the damage page when I switched gears.

  2. When it comes to EHP of the summoned minions, how are these computed? Do they just inherit my base stats, without factoring in the heroic skills, talents, and item affixes that modify my base stats? Or do they inherit my final stats after factoring all these modifiers? Like for example, I have 100K armor and 2K resists and 50K HP as it appears on my stat page, do summons just take these stats as base and modify it further?

  3. How does bloodmagic affect minions when it comes to their hp and damage? For their hp, do they inherit my hp as it is affected by bloodmagic? Like for example my hp is 50K after bloodmagic, 25K without, what would be the HP of a spirit minion if I have 20 points in summon skill and one summon hp 20% affix? And for their damage, do existing minions increase their damage as my main character loses life? Or would their damage remain static from the point they were summoned?

  4. Would the damage reduction from Defiant, Summoner mythic, and the like be inherited by summoned minions?

Thank you so much taking the time to read my lengthy questions and for any help that may be provided! :smile: