Devs! players! please read this!

Developers… I found a Bug which erases my current account and character…

When I play DQ for a long time Leveling up… Im lvl 60 … Then my battery drains… It Shuts down … then While charging… I open the app… then it says First Time Open… Installing 1/60

After that My Account WAS LOST!! then I created a new one, I play a long timr then I try to make my phone shut down itself… during Charging… I open the app… It is still same!! It erase my account… but Have a Backup in your cloud… it was lvl 45 and Arena is Erased too!! then I’ll have to start again… Please Immediately Fix so that No other player will suffer the thing that I suffer Right Now… Thank You So Much!!

This sounds like a problem with your phone I know because I’ve encountered the exact same thing with a faulty tablet what device are you on?

I am using Galaxy V Plus Duos…

You should see if the same thing occurs when it comes to other apps that need too save stuff too the device itself as well if it does I would suggest getting your phone checked out :smile:

Thx for the advice… sir are you a Developer??

Nope just a player :smile:

Sorry to hear about that!

Please see this thread for the fastest way we can help you: Account Issues? Read here first