Dickwads and Golems SEVEN DEADLY SINS pvp build for all characters


(joke) @dickwad I read your post, and the first thing I did was to look at the calendar to see if it is April 1. since it isn’t (end joke) congratulations on your rare Merlin Imp find! :joy_cat:


@Golem I complete the legend pet drop on a legend map I converted from 36 to floor 930 mythic 3 . My hireling and I had a combined luck of 981


nice. and that is a good idea with the map. even though I know about that trick, I keep forgetting to use it. with Accomplished, I go through Feats so fast that it is hard to keep up sometimes. I might go a few maps without completing any Feats, then BAM! a stretch of maps completing 2-6 Feats each. on the Pack size maps with a farm build, I get the loot Feats 2x on the same map sometimes. the Feats just pop up like fireworks :fireworks:



I think the legend pet drop is the one to use at high floors because if the enslaver won’t die the quest remains active. If ,however, you fail to kill a mythic enslaver then you back to ground zero :frowning:


Awesome. Glad you found the elusive imp!


Cheers pal


Welcome to the “merlin’s imp owners club.”

Glad to have you aboard… :smile:


What would happen if I made this a one proc build e.g.storm. Then use ice damage,frostbiting and % freeze affixes


Everything else critical affixes :confused:


Maybe just one summon fury proc legend


the focus would make it a stronger 7DS Farm Build, instead of spreading the damage around between multiple Proc’s. all the boosts to damage from the Frostbiting alone on one proc would blow away what you were doing with 4-8 different Procs. and that would also boost the damage to any Spells you cast. I guess if you had a Taunt type of Spell and Proc’d Storm, that would be a devastating combo. or a Teleport/Vault Build Proc’ing Storms everywhere you jump to. hmm, 7DS Wizard OH is Skull, not sure what it Jaspers to other classes, but still a great improvement. turning a 7DS weakness into a strength.


But still keep away from immortals :grinning:


It would have to be a warrior . He has a taunt talent


ahh, I forgot this was a PVP thread, if you could get a good Elemental Crit for the Frostbiting to do spike damage early in the fight…and maybe two +3 Storm affixes to increase attack frequency for more hits per second. so hard when a 7DS has half the space to customize a build with.


One proc !!!


The idea is your constantly freezing or knockbacking or frostbiting plus ice damage with a fury around being just as annoying


And furies gain critical affixes :smiling_imp: