Dickwads and Golems SEVEN DEADLY SINS pvp build for all characters


(joke) @dickwad I read your post, and the first thing I did was to look at the calendar to see if it is April 1. since it isn’t (end joke) congratulations on your rare Merlin Imp find! :joy_cat:


@Golem I complete the legend pet drop on a legend map I converted from 36 to floor 930 mythic 3 . My hireling and I had a combined luck of 981


nice. and that is a good idea with the map. even though I know about that trick, I keep forgetting to use it. with Accomplished, I go through Feats so fast that it is hard to keep up sometimes. I might go a few maps without completing any Feats, then BAM! a stretch of maps completing 2-6 Feats each. on the Pack size maps with a farm build, I get the loot Feats 2x on the same map sometimes. the Feats just pop up like fireworks :fireworks:



I think the legend pet drop is the one to use at high floors because if the enslaver won’t die the quest remains active. If ,however, you fail to kill a mythic enslaver then you back to ground zero :frowning:


Awesome. Glad you found the elusive imp!


Cheers pal


Welcome to the “merlin’s imp owners club.”

Glad to have you aboard… :smile: