Dickwads ultimate but very short guide to minions in PvP and PvE

Your arena character is a capped version of your pvp character as the stats appear in pve. Your minions likewise are a capped version of your PvP character. All affixes remain the same. Minions are also monsters and some random monsters can seem indestructible but are just randomly generated. Guide over. Tips but no give aways but just a moment to ponder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But if you think it’s a give away :upside_down_face: In PvE minions (namely furies) are capped versions of your main PvE character stats. But there are lots of furies so their damage stacks. And they distract the enemy from your main character giving your character precious time to inflict damage using their chosen skills.

could you give us a quick run down of what stats the Minions have that are from the Summoners?

I remember reading HP, Armor, Resists, and I think you made a few discoveries that could be useful in both Campaign and PVP. like Attack Speed and stuff. oh and I read that Minions get 25% of the Summoners HP Regen for themselves.

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All of the above @Golem. And you know because we have no secrets :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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haha, because we read the same posts.

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Because we wrote the same posts . But I truly believe everything you need to know is here

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I would pay very close attention to @Golem s reply. Because he is correct.

@NUIQUE this must be the best but very brief guide in DQ history. Nothing is revealed but all is revealed for would be summoners. Teaching the concepts behind a build is better than teaching a build. The concept is understanding. The build is copying without understanding.

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Ahhh my precious little summoners ![Screenshot_20190613-192639|690x431](upload://bjp7F98t4xFOp7tn8XqTRG7Nuu9.png


Lost to @Zomboy :sunglasses:

But I love a cliffhanger moment against a truly great player. I did okay :sunglasses: