Did I break my pet?

So I finally found a Legendary fairy pet with the druid bonus. I was going to reroll the stats for Ircher’s Chakram Knight build, but used a Quartz on it (and it removed everything) :crying_cat_face: and left me with a -4 Quality, iLevel 46 grey fairy. So frustrated atm…

Slightly related question as well. When I stripped the skills off the Chakram to make it, the Chakram also was Grey before I added the slots back on it again. That doesn’t really matter though as it’s purple now right?

Legend items: when rerolling the values of affixes, they wont go below 75% of their maximum value as long as the item is a Legend Item (read this in an old post). non Legend items, when you reroll their values, can end up giving you numbers anywhere from the minimum value to the max, so it is harder to get max values with these items. if the item is Legend when you add a Mythic affix, it is still considered a Legend item, or more properly, a Mythic Legend item. your Chakram is basically a Mythic Epic item, even if you put some Legend affixes on it. even with +25% Item Quality, it might take more crystals than usual to get the values maxed out. I find that if I have at least 1 or 2 of the original affixes on the Legend that I am crafting, it will retain it’s Legend status.
Quartz: use Kyanite instead, it removes most of the affixes on an item, but only one at a time. only use Quartz if you are trying to remove an affix Kyanite can’t. because it can remove from 1 to 6 affixes at a time, you might end up having to use many items until you get the results you want.

if you go to this thread, it is short, but there is a good answer to the question. hope this helps you in future crafting endeavors.


Thanks for the reply… sad to learn the hard way. :confused:

So in regards to the Chakram, I have an eternal one in storage atm(or could make one from Codex), Should I take that one and remake it by removing one stat at a time, and adding one socket at a time instead of just removing everything like I did to get better damage? This build is becoming pretty costly for my noob self. :expressionless: But I want to complete it!

it is said that you Craft a Build around Eternal Items, and Craft Legend Items for a Build. Eternal Items are powerful, but are hard to Craft. Legend Items are not as powerful as Eternal Items, but are easier to Craft.

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you can use Topaz and Sapphire tricks.

Dont use quartz on any pet. It will turn to epic - normal pet.


Get rid of quartz. Convert !!!

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