Discordance and extra attack chance

If extra attack chances procs with discordance will it cast the spell twice on top of each other? Specifically orb

Depend of how many proc you have

I’m talking about extra attack chance not procs

My bad sorry
The answer is YES

I asked this before and as I remember clogon was the one answering me.
So it doesn’t show multi attack but the dmg increases.

this is what steiger explain to me when i ask him few month ago. We know when a player use mythic, their damage for special and primary swapped. EAC and MA no longer effect primary (give extra attack) instead it give extra damage directly to special.

for example let say, player use discordance and his special is blinkstrike. their blinkstrike will deal only 100% damage due to damage swapped between primary. So while using discordance if the player have EAC or MA it will directly increase the damage.

Blinkstrike 100%

If player having +4 EAC in their build. Blinkstrike will deal 194% damage per cast.

While if player have +4 MA in their build. Blinkstrike will deal 300% damage per cast.

Or if player have both +4 EAC & MA. their blinkstrike will deal 394% damage per cast.

IMO if u make discordance build, the EAC u need is only +2 and +4 for MA. MA have solid damage. while EAC damage reduced by amount EAC u have. So the last 2 multiplied damage from EAC are way too low to waste 1 slot affix for it.

The damage deal is fixed. it dont have hidden chance for the damage to multiply. The damage directly imcreased once u have EAC & MA.


OK thanks for the explanations on the exact mechanics behind the way they interact with discordance everyone :smiley: I’m sad though cause I can’t have 15 million orbs and reactor then