[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers


His item was a eternal fabled blade. It come with
-4 open sockets to use

  • 3 free space for epic affix( after you turn the 4 sockets into a mythic affix)

After you get your mythic affix on it, it turns into eternal emberglow

This is my item @Emman
Btw do you think diff mythic affix= diff name?


For clearing the things up: He had already been flagged for using cheating tools. No need to argue here. :slight_smile:


About banning: Cheating means using some programs for getting items or manipulating items/game mechanics.

writer: Refia,

that guy probably marked because the second reason.


I am not sure on the mechanic of it changing name.
I saw before that a discordance mythical head gear changed to “Astral Shroud”


The only thing that is not legit is the name. By using methods that allow you to get any affix value you want that are NOT hacks or cheats (ul/dl) it is possible to get those affixes. But unless there is a bug with names, that item is not legit.


It’s been said before but I will just mention it again, you can contact us at support@shinyboxgames.com to get your account reviewed if it was flagged for cheating previously.

We’ve been flagging accounts for over a year, and it’s possible it was flagged by:

  • Having an absurd value on leaderboards ( if you do this, stop :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Supporting the Account and us seeing hacked items
  • Other players reporting and us confirming the account is using hacked items or values like gold
  • Being seen using Cheating or Hacking tools

We hope everyone realizes we’re not doing this to punish these players. We want make sure the Arena and Leaderboard are as fair as possible for players that don’t cheat. If you’re cheating you can still play, but it will be with other players who cheat.

[Reports Only] Report Cheaters & Hackers
Do's and Don'ts (Rules and Regulations)
Banned League?
[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers

Thanks you found me =D


zeus kel is me. +1 my own post =/


Am i banned?


What’s your arena id?


Same Id as the forums Id which is CuzegSpiked. I use the aftermath gear with some changes and im at 2nd place mythic league. Hunting for eternal league. I dont think im banned because @SteigerBox said so after I emailed him.


That’s me…, If you want, I can send you the pic of all my equipment and affixes.I changed it to Nova Vial if I remember right, and removed all of the affixes using quartz.And then I changed to Wizard’s OH using Jasper to get Cosmic Power, and when I changed it back, I had that name, not sure why tho.


@Hitagi Thanks for clarifying the scenario on how it happened.
Better let @Refia handle this scenario though.
Edit: Pretty nice AI configuration btw hitagi ^^

ocenyx said something about a legend item getting a change name if all the affix was remove.

This is my reply


Haha okay.


Lots of new names since I took my 1 week vacation, also @Emman , dude, you’ve been busy huh. Lol.



Yeah, it’s a known bug.


@saintwave: I do what I can. ^^
@Refia: So If I see any item that has different name on what it should be. Should I report it or not?
For eternal equip scenario I will always report.

DQ should fix the name glitch bug of items

Just report it, we can decide it later, weither the items are cheated or not.

DQ should fix the name glitch bug of items

I would be cautious with item names… There have been a few bugs with those lately.


Smack that ban hammer down hard on those hackers :wink: