[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers


I guess those Gobs that keeps on spawning on arena are just like clones that just used the Gob’s name to just hide and put all the blames to GOB😅.
actually, most of the Gobs didn’t put the word GOB on thier IGNs or player names.( maybe some) … If you’ll just know some of the original members of Gobs you’ll find home with in DQ.
As of me I know some of them haha they"re just bunch of nice warm people. And one thing they’ve told me is that never talk harsh to any one that mocks you with in this game. Just keep enjoying while playing.
But sad to say there are still some people out there who have been using the GOBs name as black propaganda :sweat_smile:. And it can’t be helped. Yes I have been thier member and I could say that I learned a lot from them and started as a curious lad that seeks might through the game that most of us have been.

And about the pet trick, “just sustain”.

Well any ways there are lots of things to come so maybe that trick would got nerfed sooner or even be more doubled its effectiveness in the colorful storms.


Good night Lads!


And mr. larry those Identical pets that you’ve seen…

Its like plagiarism by some other terms. :sweat_smile:

If you know hat i mean.


I think the pet issue will definitely be sorted and the cheating. Of course you cannot fully eliminate cheaters but the cheaters I’m very sure will get reduced eventually. Be sure to wish a good luck for the next patches that come eventually. Good luck regardless.


I’m also waiting for the next update.

And yah yah theres that they called auto-flagging system that thou should not be worry about.:sweat_smile:
the real Gods here are the Devs ofcourse haha
players like us are just titans and demi-Gs.
battling for dominance.

And me…
don’t mind I’ll be out of the game for a mellinium. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I’ll just be lurking here.

Ps. Mr cuzeg, the fact bout the rumors that you dominated arena these days (as I have heared), …l’m also a fan of your comments by the way. :facepunch:

( hey people how you do that dancing parrot head emoji? Please teach me!)


these are the new breed of cheaters. Unlike the cheaters in the past who were very obvious and easily detected. These new one’s are VETERAN cheaters, they now use methods that will not automatically flag them.

They use combination of:
1 Creating a clean account, no billion golds, few crystals and mythstones
2 makes legit purchase to make this account look really legit
3 they farm for enslaver at floor 2, once they reach 149/150
4 they purchase monster spawn or get it thru the ads
5 they exploit the enslaver feat and upload download (monster spawn boost refresh)
6 once they get a perfect eternal pet, they now use third party app to pass these pets around
using whatever they use

Im not sure about all of it, but they are definitely abusing the monster spawn boost
Like I said these are VETERAN cheater who were banned before.
The leaders of this group are the leaders of LAIR group that are notorious cheaters.

They must be really upset because these people make this methods generate real money.
for as low as $1 dollar they upload their game files to the members of their groups.

So you could imagine why this new method needs to look really legit. Because they want peopleto believe that and continue to pay them real money.

This is why these players are a disgrace to the gaming community. They not only do it for themselves, but make money out of it.


Exactly. This is well said :slight_smile: .


That is interesting and good detective work!!! However, you can play the download/upload enslaver feat (149/150 ad nauseum) until your finger falls off but will not acquire all the different perfect pets that have been posted. They have likely figured out how to craft a pet and scrub the data.


It’s all in their fb group. They proudly post all their cheated stuff there.
I figured that too, they’re just really selling the idea that they got their pets
from spamming enslaver so people have a reason to beleive they got it
in legit way.


Agreed 100%!


10/10 agreed 100% :+1: :congaparrot: :reversecongaparrot: :aussiereversecongaparrot: :fastparrot: :fieriparrot::explodyparrot::gothparrot: .


Finally, someone said it accurately. Good one Sir Landz @f00kee


Finaly someone revealed their secret!
Theyv using bluetooth to share the pet they hav so disgusting!!
Shareit to me mate gob


Ha Fookie was right about those sellers on some groups.

But as a GOB like me we never tolerated such doings. We even contradict those people and ended thier page became ghost page like letting them leave thier own dq page. And kicking any one on our own group page who attempted to do such poor thing. wahaha.

Hey teach me how to use that parrot stuff it looks cool


:fastparrot: trade my farrot face to ur pet pm me for faster transaction :stableparrot:




Click smile icon at the top then search for it. At the last smiley section



Oh thanks subzero!

How’s that?


Click smiley icon and click the parrot section which is the last section next to the star section. Or if you don’t have that button, you can also do : for the emoji’s and then press more, then press parrot section. Also do : and type parrot next to the : .

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Its like dancing etits :joy:


Ikr. I discovered this in Slack and then this emoji got added to forums.