[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers


I can see that you have tons of picture from old to latest at each player that reach the top


Yes . why :joy: this is my happiness .capturing those perfect eternal pet. :grinning:


find my pet you may amaze by it :sunglasses:




curse this game for letting these cheaters run freely and ruin the server


see even fookee amaze


It’s not impossible. Eater has a perfect eternal pet and he is a DQ tester, so he must
have gotten it legitimately. And maybe not all GOBs are cheaters because Eater is with
them but he got his eternal pet legitly.


if even a single 1 exists the chance that even 2 people have found one is entirely minuscule :slight_smile:


Youre right eater. Idont believe those calculation lol


@Eater bro can i join to your group ? Gob?
So that my pet will be perfect affix for battle and i can change it anytime depends on my build .:parrot:


about the pet, im depende my build depend on the pet affix so no perfect pet affix for me example at my topic Pet and Item Farmers thread I can predict which build is suited for that pet affix


as I say in ancient time spamming floor will do the trick


They dont know the trick .


Yep, there are people who really uses modified pets specially those eternal pets with perfect affixes or almost. But there is one thing that anyone could have good eternal pets or almost have perfect affix in a legit way. Though its quite time consuming but it is worth doing. You just need to have good eternalized affix on gear and go to the specific map and kill that enslaver to have chances of gaining those pets in a legit manner. As of now it is just an experimental trick. You dont need to use any modificators or cheats to that.

All you need to do is to discover that trick your self :sweat_smile: happy gaming buddies!


Thats right gamos


Its just a game. Dont cry . :joy:
Please do Make more challenging ai in arena . i realy like facing u guys :grinning:


exploiter :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I spam floor 2 but i don’t use any modifications or smash files or whatever you guys do. No matter how hard I try, i still don’t get great pets or even perfect pets. Perfect pets are 1 in a Quadrillion or a trillion and I absolutely agree with @Mr_Scooty , a player who played for virtually 2 years and counting. I played very many hours a day at one point but even then, I’d never get such pets. 5 eternal pets in a year and only 1 or 2 actually are good.

Sometimes i had days where i played 6 or 8 hours a day but regardless, the chances are still very small for such eternal pets just dropping like that.

The chance of even 1 perfect pet in eternal form should be very miniscule that only 1 or 2 of the 5 million players who downloaded should have got it.

If GOB did get it by legit chances, then they may have shared it. Or they may have used the upload and save trick on devices many times until they get the pet they want and share to other people.


I’m just wondering all of them have the same eternal pet. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Exactly. I still won’t consider them legit though regardless of their methods , especially since many of the GOB have almost exactly the same kinds of pets.