[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers



This fool is on the top of Eternal League right now.

REASON: A Wizard that uses Rouge’s vanity? that’s new!




Mmr is well editd


Cheaters are so hilarious :joy: All Defender, WD% and ED% could you get any more stupid?

Jesus that’s awesome!


Cheaters got separated ranks and all of them are cheaters


Whats wrong with that galea??? And now you reported a wrong accnt hes now at banned damn you better look at codex before reporting you didnt know how much hes spending on farming dust , better luck nxt idiot


Dude lol the devs wouldn’t directly ban them if they are reported here, they have to check first if they really are cheaters or not lmao!


They didnt review if you didnt report lol


Of course but being reviewed doesn’t mean being banned. :relaxed:

Its basically you saying that those cheaters are OK to be in the legit arena lmao!


Ok you better report all in arena so you guess who is cheating , in lower div thier so many cheater check it all


Better be safe than sorry. but no need to get butt hurt by it lmao!

If you see lots of cheaters in lower divisions then report them lol.

I get your point, to check first if the acc. Is a real cheater or not before reporting.

But there are actually smart cheaters out there that modifies their toon to be a perfect legit item, but in reality its modified.


My point is why keep banning players in top league?? When their is more cheater in lower league , cheater is always start at bottom league you better watch at lower league


Well of course you need to banned those cheaters who are in the top league lmao! Hahahah they got there by cheating and that’s not right.

If you see lots of cheaters in the lowers leagues please do report them, they’re not gonna report themselves :wink:


Well its boring playing dq even legit gets reported bcoz they have strong build only known players will stay at league , tang ina kayo kayo lang nsa div1 eh ayaw nyo magpasingit sa iba kc nirereport nyo agad pag d nyo klala , sorry for my language on filipinos will understand it bye


Pare naaiintindihan Kita lol Filipino po ako hahahaha

Tsaka Di naman na wawala yung lahat na narereport dito eh yung talagang proved cheaters lang hehe


Lmao So there’s​ Eternal Galea with permafrost affix? Lol you should be the one who needs to check the codex first…


And also if you get banned for no reason you can email the dev’s for further clarification so that they can retrieve your acc…


look at this idiot look at codex first before you report


Tsk you didn’t see the other pic so here it is

Can you see already? He changed the set affix which is gladiator to Permafrost!